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  1. roshan

    Bafang bbs02 powered bike for $1999

    Hey all, it's back by popular demand for the best price to date. Here's the bike that started it all:
  2. roshan

    Juggernaut Classic is back for $1999

    Hey all, it's back by popular demand for the best price to date. Here's the bike that started it all: More pictures coming soon.
  3. roshan

    Ultimate cheater bike

    Some of us want a simple, single speed bike with no frills. Here's our take on it. Lots of fun and can't even tell it's an ebike. $999
  4. roshan

    Stunner LT - new and improved - better than ever

    Hi all, Check out our new Stunner LT. Comes equipped with hydraulic brakes, 750W rear hub motor, and battery up to 1kwh. What's unique is that it comes in 3 different size wheels - nothing like this in the market today. All for $1999 (intro price $1799). You can find it here...
  5. roshan

    The Ultimate Ultra 1000 yet

    We've been sold out of the Ultra 1000 for about 4 months now. So we went back to the design table and tweaked a few things. The 2019 Ultra 1000s have several improvements over 2018 versions. A few improvements: 1.5" better ground clearance, 1x11 SRAM Gx transmission, hydraulic brakes, two...
  6. roshan

    Full suspension Ultra bike!

    Check this out folks:
  7. roshan

    The Ultimate folding bike?

    So, we just built this thing. It is incredibly fast and super fun. Best part - it weighs under 30 lbs. What do you think?
  8. roshan

    36V 17Ah battery for Boar $499

    Biktrix just launched a 36V 17Ah battery that works on the Boar for $499!
  9. roshan

    New Bafang Ultra - 1000W Torque sensored motor!

    Designed similar to the Bafang Max, this is the most powerful torque sensored motor in the market today! Biktrix has the first production bikes powered with this motor:
  10. roshan

    1000W Torque sensored ebikes

    I'm proud to announce Biktrix's latest offering! 1000W nominal 1500W peak - torque assist bikes! Not pre-order, shipping now! Check them out here:
  11. roshan

    New 2018 Stunners

    Check out the brand new Stunners! 7sp IGH, 750W motor, the whole deal!
  12. roshan

    Chinese company, not US. Does that even matter? Transparency does.

    I tried deleting this thread but can't so I figured I'll delete the content of this post. FLX now has a US warehouse (as per Pete's comment below).
  13. roshan

    Next gen Monte Capro

    What do you guys think of our gen 2 MC?
  14. roshan

    Nimble little folding bike

    Hi all, We just launched his bike last week and are almost sold out. Check it out: It is nimble and you can take it anywhere! Let me know if you have any questions! Ride on! Roshan
  15. roshan

    Latest Greatest Kickass Biktrix Juggernaut

    Hi all, You know we always like to keep improving things on our bikes. We ran out of Juggernauts and we thought it's the perfect opportunity to make it even better than it already is. Check out these pictures. Can you spot the changes? PS: Who likes the full fenders?
  16. roshan

    Juggernaut now available with 1000W BBSHD option

    Hi all, We are now offering a BBSHD option for those who want that. This motor is paired with Sanyo 48V 11.6Ah battery pack. Lots of folks asked us for this option so its now available! Cheers, Roshan
  17. roshan

    Juggernaut V-max ?

    What do you guys think of this?
  18. roshan

    Full-suspension 8Fun powered bike for $1599

    Hi all, Check out our latest offering: Cheers, Roshan
  19. roshan

    Biktrix full-suspension purpose-built ebike

    Hi all, Check out our most first full suspension bike. This is a crazy good deal for any of you early adopters. Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers, Roshan
  20. roshan

    BBS02 powered cruiser on Indiegogo

    Hi folks, don't want to spam you folks, but if you're interested in a BBS powered cruiser for $1350, check it out here: