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  1. Saratoga Dave

    2019 Ride Photos

    Thanks, Steve! I somehow seem to find myself on the other end of the country, more out towards you guys. In Welches, Oregon for a family wedding for the weekend. We went up to Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood today (in a car, no bike). Beautiful road, amazing views of Hood and Jefferson both. Never...
  2. Saratoga Dave

    2019 Ride Photos

    I’d cover 10,000km in about five minutes if I rode up on that freaking thing! We don’t grow them that big around here.
  3. Saratoga Dave

    mid drive ebike without shift sensor question (Yamaha Cross Core)

    It’s definitely a bit of an art, one I still have not completely mastered after about four months and fifteen hundred miles. I still clang them once in a while. I did have a Trek with shift sensing, and that was terrific. It took a little getting used to the Yamaha Motor on my Giant. I’ve read...
  4. Saratoga Dave

    48 miles 5,000 feet, a personal challenge on Tuesday

    Well, that must have been some moment when that thing juiced you on a 16% hill! All that would be left then is a plague of locusts, since you’d already gotten the lightning. Seriously, a hell of a story. My cardiac adventures are a little less dramatic, but still entertaining and motivating...
  5. Saratoga Dave

    48 miles 5,000 feet, a personal challenge on Tuesday

    A/Fib and beta blockers, n'est-ce pas? Last time I let my heart rate sneak up to 150 on a good size hill - I wasn’t paying attention at all - I ended up laying in some guy’s front yard, ripping my helmet off, anything so I could get some air in, wondering if I should dial 911 or just die there...
  6. Saratoga Dave

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Sorry the banana thing bombed out, Steve.. it works pretty well for me. Nothing more fun than jumping out of bed at 2am with your calf muscle inside out.
  7. Saratoga Dave

    2019 Ride Photos

    Newstead House pic is gorgeous, Dave, excellent. You live in a pretty interesting place.
  8. Saratoga Dave

    2019 Road-E+ (S) | Water cage mount

    Can you elaborate or post a pic or two of the adaptation to the Topeak system on the Metro rack? I got that rack for my ToughRoad and am very interested. Thanks!
  9. Saratoga Dave

    So, how many miles do you get on a charge?

    Alright, another boat then. You can sneak it right in while she’s counting the bicycles.
  10. Saratoga Dave

    Best options?

    Can’t speak to all of it, but as for the Bosch/Yamaha drag difference, it is definitely true. I had a much loved Trek xm-700+ for two years and 6200 miles, now on a Yamaha powered Giant for the last three months and 1500 miles, and I can tell you the ability to ride without the power on was the...
  11. Saratoga Dave

    Widespread Giant motor creaking problem - time for a recall?

    1500 miles in three months on my ToughRoad and not a peep out of it. It’s a 2018 model I bought new... who knows, but I have zero issues, would buy another in a heartbeat.
  12. Saratoga Dave

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Everybody else around here is! They had to shut the track Saturday because of the heat wave we had, but things have cleared out now. I did ride around Saratoga Lake yesterday... does that count?
  13. Saratoga Dave

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Steve, I'm an advocate of the old Banana In The Handlebar Bag school... I've long been a victim of the 2AM leg cramps as well. For all I know it's a placebo effect of just telling myself this will help, but stopping at the top of a decent hill three quarters through a ride and chomping down a...
  14. Saratoga Dave

    Hitch Rack for GSD

    I own and dearly love a 1 up single (not the Super Duty), but I can't imagine how it could function on that back wheel setup of that bike. The way it holds the wheels just ain't compatible. That's some interesting bike, though!
  15. Saratoga Dave

    Giant 2020 ebikes?

    You're in Montreal? Lake Placid ain't all that far away. I mentioned in this or another thread that we were in High Peaks Cyclery the other day and they have 2 Explore E small frames on the floor. I am NOT associated in any way with the store, or any other store, for that matter, just wandered...
  16. Saratoga Dave

    Giant 2020 ebikes?

    I was in High Peaks Cyclery in Lake Placid this morning and they had three ToughRoad GX-Es in stock. Amazing! I like mine so much I’d almost buy one of them as a spare :) IronMan on Sunday. That town is full of the hottest looking bikes you’ve ever seen right now as the fellas are out scoping...
  17. Saratoga Dave

    E-Bikes and RAGBRAI

    I think that thread is called “Mom can’t stop riding her ebike”... it references a current YouTube video by adventure cyclist and outdoor guy Ryan Van Duzer, who gave his mom an ebike last year. If you look at any YouTube vids from the past couple of years you can spot lots of ebikes in the...
  18. Saratoga Dave

    Giant Road E+ review and questions

    Not a Road E but a Toughroad GXE, 1300 miles in about three months so far, nothing negative whatever. My third ebike and the best by far. I have read about water or fogging in the displays so ran a strip of electrical tape across the front seam as a prevention measure and have had no issues...
  19. Saratoga Dave

    Light weight eBikes review

    Saw that this morning. Looks great - I like the gravel version - but bring your wallet, your neighbor’s wallet, and any other quarters and dimes you find on the street! has a good write up also on these things.
  20. Saratoga Dave

    Best ebike on the market if money is no issue?

    Something else to consider, unfortunately: this ridiculous governor of ours still has not signed the new ebike legislation, nor has he indicated that he is going to. Despite being passed overwhelmingly, ebikes are still technically illegal in NYS and certainly in NYC.