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    Undestanding odo/dist/tripmeter?

    On yamaha pw what is "dist" and when is it resetted? What is odo and when is it resetted? Can i reset max speed? It says 99.9kmph but i havnt driven that fast?
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    Should one remove the battery dh park?

    Since ill be using the lift mostly should i remove the battery and leave it at home to save weiht? Or will the removal of battery alter the characteristics of the haibike negatively?
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    How to change rear inner tube?

    So i just got a flat. I was googelin on how to remove wheel to be able to change inner tube but cant find how to do it on a haibike. Is there any tutorial? Should i send it to the mechanics? Haibike allmtn 5.0?
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    Riding in rain?

    Is it safe? Can any e mtb by haibike ride in heavy rain? I got the sduro allmtn 5.0
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    Got 2 haibike stickers with the bike?

    Where am i supposed to put these two stickers? About 40 cm long an 6 cm high just saying haibike?
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    Something surring metallicly?

    When i ride very fast i get a metallic sound. Its surring whisperly on and off not very loud.. Should that be checked out? Or is it normal for a haibike? Im a compleate bike n00b, noise is there for a few seconds than slowley diminishes for like 30 seconds then its there again. Eaven if im...
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    Is all haibike e mtbks upgradable?

    Can i buy any new suspentionfork from fox? Can you upgrade an sduro to an xduro? What are the modifications and retrofit availabilities for example for an allmtn haibike? Who should i ask this to, the manufacturer or the lokal dealer?
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    Allmtn 5.0 can a dropperpost be mounted?

    If so, what dropperpost would be easyest to fit in?
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    Haibike kickstand?

    I have an allmtn 5.0. In the "allmtn plus 2016" review on youtube that bike has a kickstand. Could anyone recomend a working kickstand for my bike? My bike dealer said that kickstand could never fit my bike. :/