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    Thudbuster vs Kinekt seat posts

    Anyone have experience riding both the Cane Creek Thudbuster and the Kinekt (formally Body Float)? I’m looking for a suspension seat post for the 2nd ebike. Already have a Body Float on ebike number one and love the seat post. But I’m willing to check out other options. Haven’t found a...
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    2019 Trek Dual Sport Plus. Small & extra small frames.

    My 2nd ebike. Finally found a small enough frame for my somewhat vertically challenged height. This is the small frame (15”) Dual Sport Plus and Trek also makes an extra small (13”) frame. This one is mid-step but they also make a high step which is really pretty shiny black. And at 45 lbs this...
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    Electric Bike Expo in Minneapolis Mar 23-24

    The Minneapolis Convention Center is hosting an electric bike expo with many vendors demonstrating ebikes. Yes it’s probably out of the way for most of you but heck, maybe a road trip is in order. ? If you’re interested:
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    Unexpected error

    Anyone else getting message “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” Getting this when I click on a review. Happening for about a week, on both iPhone & iPad. Got the latest iOS.