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    Thinking about Juiced CCX. Anyone upgrade to 11 speed?

    Selling most if my Stromer's, thinking about Juiced CCX. Anyone upgrade to 11 speed? Stupid, I know, but I have over 20 bikes, and all but one of those is 11 speed. I'd like to stick with that for spare parts. Wouldn't do it right away, just when parts needed replacing. Lots of spare 11...
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    Thinking about trading in ST2s for ST3, what's the new ST3 worth?

    Can anyone PM me the street price paid for ST3? Price topics are forbiden in the open here, so please PM me with the price you paid. Thinking about selling the ST2s with 600 miles myself vs trade in on an ST3. Sold a second one already after my dealer offered me $1500 (choke) for a like new...
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    2018 Like new Emotion Big Bud Pro E-Fatbike, with warranty $2000

    Like new Emotion Big Bud Pro E-Fatbike, with warranty. One ride and less than 10 miles on this ebike. My ebike dealer agreed to extend the original 1 year warranty to the new purchaser from the time of my purchase, so this bike is warranted thru aprox October 2019. Contact me for details. I...
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    2018 Evo Big Bud Pro

    A new addition to my family, a 2018 Evo Big Bud Pro. First impressions... Pros - Great response to pedal input, less surging than the 27.5 evo I owned. - Very fast acceleration to top speed on slightly sloping terrain. - Good enough torque to make it up the steepest incline in my part of the...
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    Bike has been sold

    Bike has been sold
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    Pictures/Photos of your Stromer

    Hello, I searched the Stromer Forum for keywords "Picture" and "Photo", didn't see a thread like this. The intent is to keep text and discussion to a minimum in this thread as you can get that elsehwere. The intent is for us to just add quality photos of your Stromer eye candy for enjoyment...
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    withdrawn from sale
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    Need a second EVO 48V charger

    Need a second EVO 48V charger, and $125 to $150 seems a bit much. Anyone know of any good hacks I can do such as a 48V charging system from ebay coupled with the spare battery charger cable that came with the bike? $50 to $75 seems reasonable. I have two EVO's now and want to sell one, but I...
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    New member from Detroit Metro area

    Hello, I've been a cycling enthusiast since my early teens. I currently mountain bike every day or commute to work. Looking to change jobs and will have a longer commute. I have been eyeballing the Stromer line, and finally pulled the trigger on the ST1X with the gold battery and added a...