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  1. Ebikefevercure

    Happy beginnings

    Although, late start... it's Alive and Awesome! Commentary on my Derber'sDiscoveries YT channel.
  2. Ebikefevercure

    Cozy cruising fat bike

    Finally had time to scrub the chain and tires... I put this up for anyone looking to make their fat bike more cozy with a budget in mind. I can ride 15 miles in jeans without a bad bottom feeling. I was also staring at the dysfunctional Voltbike I can't ride yet so, the living Rover needed some...
  3. Ebikefevercure

    28th day... it arrives...

    Exciting and deflating... Updated 2018 OEM components for Voltbike Enduro. So far it's beautiful except the issues I point out in the video. I forgot to mention the throttle but, you can see it at 2:16. The seat post position shown is as low as it will go without cutting and it is perfect for my...
  4. Ebikefevercure

    35mm handlebars, worth it?

    I'm considering a Rethal 35mm, 800mm bar and clamp. I'm not sure how easy the DPC18 and other accessories will fit, anyone have good luck, or bad? Any caveats about doing this to a Rad Rover or Voltbike Enduro? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ebikefevercure

    Ebikes aren't cheap; Cheaper than monthly Rx's and Gym Membership

    I had a heart attack blockage that needed a stent placed in an artery at 33yo. I am now 37yo. I was down to 30% heart function and needed to get above 35% or I would also receive a pacemaker. After paying $150/monthly for Rx's, repeat doctor visits, running my tail off, and feeling weird for 2...