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  1. Logan Gogarty

    E-bikes for Kids

    So now that I ride my e-bike everywhere my family can't keep up or go as far when we do family rides. Has anyone built and e-bike on a kids frame? I have an 8 yr old and a 10 yr old. I was thinking I could build them bikes for Christmas. I have a BBSHD on a fight tire bike and its been...
  2. Logan Gogarty

    Check this out paired with a BBSHD mid drive would be unstoppable
  3. Logan Gogarty

    Has anyone seen a motor like this?
  4. Logan Gogarty


    Does anyone know anything about this motor? I have a friend that wants to get into E biking and he sent me that link and was excited about it being 5,000 Watts. Are...
  5. Logan Gogarty

    Fat Bike W/ BBSHD updates

    I've posted in various threads but wanted to organize all my information into one place. My build: Night Train Bullet Fat bike BBSHD 1000W mid drive -options I chose: left thumb throttle, C963 display, 42 tooth black bling ring, and 52 V...
  6. Logan Gogarty

    COBI System

    I'm excited for this to come out and connect with one than just the bosch system.
  7. Logan Gogarty

    Bafang BBSHD

    I just bought this kit Now I'm trying to decide on a fat bike to put it on. I need help deciding between this and...
  8. Logan Gogarty

    Dongle on Bosch System

    Has anyone been riding a Bosch mid drive with a dongle? What speeds are you getting? How does it affect your range? Have you had any problems? I'm considering a Haibike Trekking Pro with a dongle. I would appreciate any real life experience.
  9. Logan Gogarty

    First Commute on Turbo X

    I enjoyed riding my Turbo X to work today. Attached are my stats. Having the lights always on and built into the bike is a huge plus for me as I ride in tunnels part of the way and get sick of putting batteries in and turning them on/off. The front shock was great to have as well and made the...
  10. Logan Gogarty

    Thoughts about demo bikes?

    I have a local shop that has a Specialized Turbo X. I didn't ask the year but they are selling it for 2,600 which seems like a steal. They also said it is still under warranty. Any thoughts about demo bikes in general?
  11. Logan Gogarty

    Need help picking first E-Bike

    I'm 6 feet tall about 160 lbs. I love to ride bikes. I've ridden a Stromer around the parking lot as well as a Focus MTB. I enjoyed both bikes. I have a 16 mile commute with a few hills here and there nothing major. I live in Denver CO. I would be able to charge my bike in my office. I also live...