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    Study: eBikers Get More Exercise than Traditional Cyclists & Use Cars Less
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    An Inspiring Story

    This personal story of how an ebike can keep someone going after a health crisis is from Pete Prebus Electric Bike Report.
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    48 miles 5,000 feet, a personal challenge on Tuesday

    I am planning a ride from Glacier, Washington to Artist Point on Thursday with some friends. It is a 48 mile ride, the first half of which climbs 5,000 feet into the high Cascades near Mt. Baker on route 542. I'll be riding my Riese & Muller Mountain that is equipped with two 500 watt...
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    Why use a chain rather than a Gates belt drive

    I am wondering why all the mountain versions of the Riese & Muller delight (even the Rohloff) have a chain and not the Gates belt drive. Why not put a belt drive on all of the bikes? I would think that a belt is to be preferred in all cases. What am I missing?
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    2019 Homage Noisy Frame/Swing Arm Issue

    My 2019 Homage Rohloff HS, delivered in March, developed an annoying creaking noise shortly after its arrival. This noise occurred with every crank of the pedals and every dip while riding over flaws in the road. It was loud, embarassing and very annoying. I contacted L.A. Fly Rides, the R&M...
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    Rearranging handlebar controls on an Homage with the Rohloff E-14

    I took delivery on a new Homage Rohloff HS recently. I found the position of the E-14 control, right next to the grip to be too close for a natural reach for my right thumb while holding the grip. It required me to adjust my hand on the grip slightly and bend my thumb in an unnatural way...
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    Customizing a New Bike - Riese & Muller Homage Rohloff HS

    I took delivery on a Riese & Muller Homage Rohloff HS this month and spent the first day with it in my workshop making it my own. Here is a list of the additions and changes I made to the bike. Bosch Nyon Display Ergon Cork Grips Busch & Muller 701 Mirror Replaced 1800mm front brake rotor...
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    Good News For Owner of Bosch Powered E-bikes

    What was already a good parts distribution system looks to get even better.
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    Schwalbe Rock Razor Tires - Riese & Muller Special Edition

    I had an interesting chat with a chap who works for Schwalbe North America which happens to be in the town immediately adjacent to the one in which I live. I was purchasing a pair of Super Moto X 27.5 x 2.4 reflective side wall tires for use on my soon to be delivered Homage Rohloff HS. He...
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    5 Bosch Display Choices - Good, Bad and Ugly

    Bosch electric bike systems has one of the best reputations in the e-bike universe for reliability, frequency of repairs, mean time between failures. Their equipment is so well regarded that it has become the dominant manufacturer in the mid drive ecosystem. Just as Bosch does not make cars...
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    Using Negative Experiences as Learning Opportunities - What is there to learn from this?

    I sit here so frustrated, nursing a badly insured left quadriceps. On Saturday I was out for a ride. A car passed me mid-block on a designated bike route street, stopping at a 4-way stop sign just ahead of me. Even though there were no other cars around, they remained stopped at the...
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    Rails to Trails Coast To Coast Across the USA

    This is exciting From Travel & Leisure Magazine This New 4,000 Mile Trail Will Let People Bike From Coast to Coast on One Seamless
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    Your Hopes & Goals in Buying an Ebike - How Has the Reality of It Worked Out?

    After a heart attack and the installation of two stents into my left anterior descending coronary artery and getting an implanted defibrilator, I started cardiac rehab one year ago. Cardiac rehab is basically an EKG monitored exercise program at our hospital run by nurses who guide heart...
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    Riese & Muller Nevo Nuvinci GH 22" frame - 1.200 miles - Mint condition -Midnight Blue - $3,500 - Bellingham, WA

    This is the large, robust frame version for larger people. My wife who is 5"10" can ride it but she has very long legs. I think this frame is best suited for people 6 feet tall and taller. Here is a direct link to photos I took on December 21, 2018...
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    Bosch update coming for Nyon & Mobile App

    This from Bosch: can't yet find a source for the app update in the US. Dear eBike Connect customer, We are writing to you today because we are updating eBike Connect in preparation for future new features and products. Please synchronise your Nyon onboard computer and the app with eBike...
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    Has anyone seen a Google Self Driving Bike

    This bike came out on April 1 two years ago ;) Has anyone seen one yet? Google Self Driving Bike
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    Is a Tesla E-Bike on the horizon?
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    Great Article on: "What E-Bikes Mean For Your Hard-Won Fitness DOES NEW PEDAL ASSIST TECHNOLOGY DIMINISH YOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK?

    New term here for non-ebikes, "Acoustic Bikes"