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  1. indianajo

    cheap hub motor cover comes loose 140 miles

    I bought an ebikeling geared 48v 1200 w hub motor plus controller & PAS in August 2017. I only rode it about 20 miles because the battery I bought that year via Amazon and the one from e-bay the next spring were both bad. So October 2018 I bought a $630 battery from luna and a $189 throttle...
  2. indianajo

    monotec battery rating

    Some new person rebuilding a mototec had some confusion about battery amp ratings, with a burnt motor & controller. His thread disappeared from introductions. If he moved his thread somewhere else, here is the answer. First off some precision in names would help. Lead acid batteries rated in...
  3. indianajo

    infinite Ads

    I've been connecting to for 2.5 hours now. Earlier today they got 2 hours before I gave up. I'd like to see what changi said on introductions, please? Indianajo 5/24 10:35 That thread is still cursed, even though the moderator just posted to it. Now it waits forever for...
  4. indianajo

    Hit & run e-cyclist causes death in UK

    Following is the article about a hit & run electric cyclist in the UK. Pedestrian died days later. Bottom line: be respectful to pedestrians or we'll all be regulated to a "safe speed". Maybe 8 mph?
  5. indianajo

    Kit Builders - test your Battery befor 30 days expires

    I finally got my battery, shipped to a friend near my summer camp, home to maintenance base. 48 v 15 AH, should put out 3 amps for 5 hours. Display been blanking out on me after 13 miles at 10 mph, Battery reads okay (>55 v) shortly afterwards with meter but didn't have meter hooked up during...
  6. indianajo

    non-available locknuts for hub motors

    I double nut all rear wheels, since I frequently pull the wheel out of alignment causing brakes & tires to drag. Hubmotor kits come with one pair of nuts. M14 x 1.75 to be exact. Very loose thread ones to be critical. A very strange and weird thread. Both the geared hub I bought in 2017 and...
  7. indianajo

    Import hub motor hard failure - self healing???

    So I bought a geared hub motor from last year, import, $300 complete. I rode ~20 miles including about 2 miles at 25 mph, then 2 miles later the controller blinked blank and power stopped. Unplugging and replugging battery power reset the controller display, but as soon as I tried...
  8. indianajo

    Need e-ride home after injury

    I'm age 67, 160 lb, ride a 27 mile route to the summer camp on a kid's mountain bike 2 to 4 times a week. I'm 68" with 28" inseam so the 18" frame length of a kid's bike is no problem. I need a way back to town if I strain a muscle or tendon out there or get an infection cutting my wattage in...