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    Js1 battery dying

    i bought a Js1 BesV bike around 2 years ago. the bike is a great around town commuter for me but recently the battery has severly dropped in its ability to hold a charge. after bringing it to the local Besv dealer/repair shop (Pacific Ebike/Berkeley) they called Besv and told me it was still...
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    rad rover pedal assist stopped working. any tips?

    on my ride to work this morning the pedal assist suddenly gave out but the throttle still works. no error codes. the controller looked like there was a spot of moisture at the top of the unit. don't know where that came from, i just wiped it off. was changing gears to climb hill when this...
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    comparing similar bikes which would you get?

    i'm looking at two very similar bikes. in fact it is the same bike but with some refreshed components. from BESV the models are the JS1 and the JS1 advance the things that are unknown as of now are they the same price? (i have sent emails-waiting for answer) if they are, maybe the older...
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    new js1 advance

    just noticed this on the besv site the js1 advance. the differences in red from the JS1. don't know if there is a price difference or if this is just an update for this years model 10 speed vs 9 and Hydraulic brakes. Frame Aluminum Power Drive System Algorhythm Dimensions 70.3 x 32.5 x 23.6...
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    alation 500 review....sort of

    well it's been a couple years since riding my alation 500 every so often i check into this forum to see what's up and the top threads seem to be complaining a bunch. i don't disagree, if someone has a bad experience they should be able to tell the world. i just thought i might provide some...
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    kickstand gave out

    we all knew that the supplied kickstand was going to last long right? how's yours holding up? mine bent over and gave up the ghost while in the bike shot suddenly almost comically. it just started leaning over until we caught it. question is now what to replace it with? is there a better one...
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    trek farley 6 conversion advice

    thinking of pairing this bike with the new bbshd when it is released i'm not going to do it myself. local bs will help. is this a good frame for a conversion with the mid drive motor? any help appreciated
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    Radrover my RadROLLER!

    starting my own Radrover thread to share my take on this bike. for good or bad, it's just my take, not very technical as i have limited experience with bikes in general. pretty much a novice so hopefully will get good feedback from more knowledgeable peeps as well as encourage others in the same...
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    seat post stops after a couple inches?...need confirmation before the hacksaw comes out

    my LBS has informed me that when installing the seat post into the bike it stops after about 2 inches in. anyone else confirm if this is the norm? he was wondering if the post needed to be cut to length. can anyone confirm that the seat post can go further down into the frame? thanks