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  1. jazz

    FEWER flat tires please!

    Goatheads are my favs
  2. jazz

    New Special Edition Sondors Fold X and Fat X - Limited to 100

    Previous Sondors could be made to go over 20mph with a different controller and display. The fastest I got mine was 26mph
  3. jazz

    surface 604,no parts

    Wouldn't buy Surface604 right now
  4. jazz

    Trump Tariffs: +25% all China bikes and Components to USA. Market disruption for sure

    I am all for it if it aids towards the prevention of U.S. intellectual property theft. 1 in 5 U.S. companies say that China has stolen their IP in the past year.
  5. jazz


    You see them listed on Craigslist all over the place. I don't have experience with them but it looks like a generic fat bike imported and rebranded like many others. The real question is how good their support is if you decide to go this way
  6. jazz

    Question for Commuters: Buy an extra charger?

    Exactly! For a majority of people, they don't over think this. They just charge their battery when it needs to be charged and then use it. Yes, there are a lot of things you could do to prolong your battery life but for most, the hassle is not really worth the effort. The only rule I follow...
  7. jazz

    Seattle area bike shops that work on ebikes?

    PIM ebikes in Ballard does work on other brands
  8. jazz

    Question for Commuters: Buy an extra charger?

    For piece of mind and convenience I would do it.
  9. jazz

    750 watt vs 500 watt motor

    Power = battery voltage x controller amps. That gives a true indication of power not necessarily the motor wattage. So if you have a 500w motor and 750w motor and both are running a 48v battery and stock 20amp controller they are essentially putting out close to the same wattage most of the time.
  10. jazz

    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    I was a survival instructor in the military so I think I might know a thing or two about a thing or two. Plus I go off the grid in South America for at least a month every so often when I get the itch.
  11. jazz

    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    It has happened a few times. I'm like MacGyver. I get it sorted out
  12. jazz

    What Do You Bring Along On Rides?

    Nothing. I leave everything to chance and I go deep into the wilderness
  13. jazz

    Bam Power being sued by Rad Power

    The copyright notice on Rad's website prohibits others from duplicating images, content, text and/or other creative elements on the website. Copyright laws protect intellectual property from theft and this is clearly theft of that content.
  14. jazz

    Bam Power being sued by Rad Power

    Doesn't matter if they are selling the same or similarly re-branded bikes, that is not what the suit is about. Rad is suing based on content infringement. Intentional copying of website contents, images, patented color schemes, and/or the design that defines a brand is illegal. In this case...
  15. jazz

    Bam Power being sued by Rad Power

    Most definitely ripped off Rad's bike line, website design, images and graphics illustrating direct to consumer sales
  16. jazz

    Lynskey E-Bike Announced

    Not impressed.
  17. jazz

    Fireproof Battery bag

    Luna sells this one though out of stock
  18. jazz

    Ebike Theft and Security

    I usually don't leave my ebike locked up anywhere. I take it inside everywhere I go. I know that is not practical for everyone but I only use my ebike if I know I can park it securely inside.