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  1. SCbiker

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    looks like the great lakes somewhere ?
  2. SCbiker

    Newport Beach Bike Fire

    I saw this in the news ... Hope this continues to be a very isolated situation. Alot of stored energy in newer bikes ... B.
  3. SCbiker

    Article on improved battery technology

    A follow up to original post ...
  4. SCbiker

    Tickets when using bike rack

    Rola basket with lockable fork mount ... Also has locking pin to make theft a little harder, chose this due to flexibility for other uses and is rock solid... Rated for 500#....
  5. SCbiker

    Article on improved battery technology

    Improved battery technology by inventor of lithium ion cells
  6. SCbiker

    Ol bear on the MTN. Monarch co.

    My other love / workout

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