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  1. DonWerner

    Upgrading the chainring, but what about the chain?

    Hey guys, I just bought a new chainring for my Bosch CX motor, an 18 teeth instead of the standard 15 teeth. Will I need to change lenght of the chain itself or will the new 18 teeth sprocket fit okay with the standard chain?
  2. DonWerner

    Your favorite bike app?

    Hey guys, Which smartphone apps do you use when biking? I am new to bike world and need some recommendations?
  3. DonWerner

    How to calculate battery charge cost

    Hey guys, I was wondering of any could tell me how to calculate the battery charge cost of a 500watt/13.4ah ebike battery? How many kwh do a 500watt battery contain and how many watts do the 2A Bosch charger use?
  4. DonWerner

    Installing a front light on the Bosch system

    I've been looking at different light systems to install on my Bosch CX system, but I am having a hard time figuring out if there's any available which is plug n play, where you dont need to cut into the wire harness of the motor. Does anyone know if such a system exist?
  5. DonWerner

    Upgrading from Intuvia to Nyon - Bosch

    Hey guys, I was wondering what it would take to upgrade from the Bosch Intuvia display to the Nyon. The Nyon system can be bought online everywhere, but can you retrofit it yourself or do you need to pay a visit to the dealer and have him do it? Anyone know?
  6. DonWerner

    Choosing the right frame size - Haibike Sduro AllMtn 6.0

    Hey guys, I am about to pull the trigger on a Haibike Sduro AllMtn 6.0. My only concern now is choosing the right frame size. I am 6ft3 or 193 cm tall and my inside leg measurement is 34" or 85 cm. What frame size would you choose, the 19"/48 cm or the 21"/52 cm? The tyre size is 27.5"...
  7. DonWerner

    Need help - which Haibike to choose?

    Hey everybody, I need some advice and help choosing the right bike for me. I am going to use my new e-bike as my daily commuter to and from work, around 15 miles a day in total. I might also use the bike for some terrain driving during the weekends, but dont know how much that is going to be at...
  8. DonWerner

    Range 400 watt vs. 500 watt

    What kinda range are you guys getting with reallife use? How big of a difference are there between the 400 and 500 watt batteries? I am a big guy, around 230 lbs, how much will that affect my range?