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    Jones H bar, anyone ?

    After a few hundred miles on my Trekking 7.0, I am truly enjoying it with the exception of the straight handlebar. I was wondering if anyone out there has tried the Jones H bar ? If so, did you encounter any installation issues ? Cable length issues, etc. ? Any advice or your...
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    New Trekking Owner; Which handlebar bag ?

    I just received my new "magic carpet" & I'm truly enjoying it. I've been using a "saddlebag" type rear pannier that fits OVER the rear rack-- which will work for now. I was wondering what HANDLEBAR BAG, some of you might be using that doesn't interfere with the cables ? Thx in advance Barry
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    20mm panniers

    Aside from using Ortlieb with their 20mm adaptor, what other panniers will work with the Trekking rack ?
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    "butterfly" touring handlebar on a trekking ?

    I really like all the positions my "butterfly" type of handlebar gives me on my traditional type hybrid city bike. Can this type of bar be used on a trekking ?
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    cross current s question(s)

    I've been "lurking" on the sidelines far too long. Getting ready to pull the trigger on the Cross Current S with either the 19 amp 48 v or 22 amp 52 v battery. Can anyone tell me whether: 1) the broken spoke or 2) chain falling off issues have been corrected ?