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    Thanks for clarifying.
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    Will this deck work with my 2018 Quick E+? As you can see from photos the holes are on the inside, not the outside. Thanks.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I experienced the same issue only last week. After about 3-4 days back to normal. Giant tech rep said water must have made its way inside and causing a short with the battery. Drop it into lbs and it will be covered under warranty. However, the issue sorted itself. Everything else was...
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    Hi all. I own a 2018 Quick E+, and love it. Fantastic, robust bike. I ride 15km nearly every day, sometimes 30km, and after 15 months I have had no issues till last week. Plug the battery in, and it would power on. Press and hold the power button, it would power off but immediately come back on...