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  1. Joe

    13,000 mile review of Volton Alation 500

    =68.ARBEG9t3AsoQ8CQLbAhEsJlZO1eQFsuAcwqarG7ZpW8ASYrSqG6e94vMB7pZ68cS8474EZE_oqLNslUBS3QK7RcKMXPlRVWmn_TOSfrTV91cIFrPMmT6L_XKVAQFHHuAxV3mPXg&__tn__=CH-R']Facebook Link to original post quote - As of today, I have reached 13,000+ miles on my Late 2015 Volton Alation 500! I am a full time cyclist...
  2. Joe

    Volton's Indiegogo Campaign. 2 new Ultra eMTB's, new Alation and folding bike models on discount

    The Better eBike Campaign We've launched out campaign with a proper designed dual-suspension and hardtail eMTB with trail rated parts. These are currently available with the Max and Ultra motor platforms. We are finalizing a potential build with the Bafang M600. Alation 48v500w campaign...
  3. Joe

    Volton Campaign is Live. 3 new bikes and new Alation models on discount.

    Volton's Better eBike Campaign Two new eMTB models available with Max and Ultra power platforms 29 pound, folding ebike with 5 level pedal assist and thumb throttle Alation and Alation ST with torque activated pedal assist and up to 48v16.5ah battery We are also finalizing a third M600...
  4. Joe

    BBS01B Motor unit for sale, $155

    If anyone is looking at a cheap way to get into a conversion or wants some BBS parts here it is. New. Includes installed 250w controller. We can include the stock chain ring, guard, cranks and main wire harness. Display, throttle and e-levers not included. $155 plus shipping
  5. Joe

    Volton A-Trail eMTB 350w / 750w Torque Sensing Electric Bicycle

    A quick walk though of the component kit on our new eMTB the A-Trail. Thanks for checking out the bike. Enjoy the ride! Joe
  6. Joe

    Volton 2017 Demo and Open Box Clearance

    We have an assortment of demo's, like new with low miles (>25m) and a handful of open box returns from the holidays. Alation 500 - demo $700 off, $1499 shipped 1 black, 1 graphite available Alation 48v Max Mid Drive - torque sensor, Tektro Vela Hydraulics demo $750 off, $1899 shipped...
  7. Joe

    Hello from Volton Bicycles. Our story and introduction to EBR.

    Before Volton came in to being, there was a Giant bicycle and an expensive, low-powered front wheel conversion kit. After a well spent afternoon in my garage, I had partially built my first electric bike with a functioning throttle and a non-functioning pedal cadence assist. With a couple more...