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    Poles in Motor – 850C Display Upgrade – VoltBike Yukon

    Had a question about my upgraded 850C (DPC14) display on the VoltBike Yukon. I have last year model with HW version E2.1/ SW Version 1.0A-V2 the newest one pictured below with color settings menu has HW version E2.3/ SW Version 2.0A-V2. Looks like the only thing confirmed different is the Auto...
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    Anyone Update to 850C Display

    Was curious if anyone has updated to the 850C color display? Is it worth the upgrade? Anything besides voltage being displayed new? I am not sure all the brands that this China supplied bike goes by but RadRover and Voltbike owners would be interested also, thanks.
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    Original 2017 Review
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    Upgrading Display from 800 to 850C - VoltBike, Radrover and M2S

    Anyone upgrade the display? I posted question in VoltBike forum but thought I would open this up since this bike is very similar to many brands. Think we have the 800 and there is a 850C that looks like the next level up, I have the Voltbike Yukon 2018 edition. 850c has same password and from...
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    Replace Display Yukon 750 2018?

    Think we have the 800 and there is a 850C that looks like the next level up. Has same password and from same company but not 100% sure if plug and play. Do not want to replace controller or wire connections. Has anyone tried a new display? Do not think any of the DPC stuff will work. Would like...
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    Lishui LSW784-45-3M vs LSW1106-58-10F Controller

    I have been looking for any specifications on the controller in Voltbike Yukon 750 2018 edition which has LSW 1106-58-10F instead of the LSW784-45-3M pictured below. This is likely the same controller on many bikes here including the RadRover, China supplied. My bike is brand new and have not...
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    VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited 2018 Edition

    VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited 2018 Edition Fat Tire Owner Review I ordered on May 27, 2018 and added a second bike to the order on June 1, 2018. I live in North Carolina. Both bikes arrived June 27, five days past estimate. Original order was for son and then decided Dad wanted one also. I...
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    VoltBike Trio from Facebook Page

    Did not see this over here so thought I would post, looks similar to the Yukon but a trike. VoltBike did confirm only a 500 Watt front hub motor. Also being discussed on the FaceBook VoltBike Yukon Owner Group. We are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest cargo bike VoltBike...
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    Electric Bike Company Model S – August 2017 Review

    Model S from the Electric Bike Company (EBC) – Ordered June 19th and not delivered on July 28th as told, arrived August 1st instead. I built our first e-bike for the wife. After hours of research chose this kit: 48V-1000W-26-Front Wheel along with a LunaCycle...