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    No motorized vehicles allowed

    Dude trust me you will want to know the bad news from the doctor
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    No motorized vehicles allowed

    Motor vehicles means anything with a motor. Like a battery powered golf cart, and an electric bike if a cop says so
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    Ebike Battery Replacement & Repair Service

    It's great that there are lower cost options for OEM battery replacement. By someone who is dedicated to the business and has a great facility! I sold my UltraBike for this very reason, didn't want to pay $700 for a new battery on a 4 year old bike
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    Using Negative Experiences as Learning Opportunities - What is there to learn from this?

    Sorry for your accident. It is fairly common to be faced with open doors, or cars pushing you off the road... A cyclist has to be a very defensive rider.. Even then it is not enough, sometimes!
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    Last two questions before I pull out my wallet.

    oh.. I thought the bike you were buying was a 36v 13 Ah bike... If you can get the Contro e Speed out the door for $6000 for 2 bikes, seems like a great deal!
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    Last two questions before I pull out my wallet.

    Ditto to what Avi said. A 36v 13 Ah battery is marginal these days;;; 5 years ago it was standard..I wouldnt buy it. You want the 500 Wh battery for two reasons.. Adequate range when it's cold, and surplus range for aging.. You'd like to run for 5 years before replacing these batteries, which...
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    Ebike Batteries in Perspective

    So many people fall in love with low prices from China. Except when something goes wrong, not unusual, the customer is holding the bag. Micah May have found a scooter that is reliable long term.. time will tell Running a large capacity battery down is not really an issue. The battery in your...
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    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    Do u think the bordo is a waste of money or worth it?
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    My e-bike has been banished to the garage

    Just keep the batteries in the house. Spraying the terminals? Not a good idea
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    Is The Law going to ruin this too??

    eBikes are in a category where a license is not required, nor is registration.. So it is low speed electric vehicle.. As such Federal law limits it to 20 mph.. Ebike manufacturers are flouting the Federal law with pedal assist..... The only way this changes is if Federal law changes, and I bet...
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    What EXTRA riding protection do you wear and why? Types, brands, pricing, etc? For street or trail? Age related?

    Always wear a helmet and glasses.... Wearing long pants is preferable if its not too hot. Always take a bottle of water.... And wear gloves sometimes for long rides.
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    researching my first electric bike

    Have fun.. Since you don't like to pedal bike you may not like to pedal ebike.. Since most bikes work via pedal assist with a motor... Try renting an ebike a couple of times and make sure that is something you want to do every week.
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    Need help/Advice on e bikes

    Some people like folding bikes and some hate them. Imo you should find an ebike shop and demo many models, ranging from cheap to expensive.. Then tell us what YOU think.. Don't keyboard shop for Ebikes.. big mistake.
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    Is The Law going to ruin this too??

    I have never been stopped for riding an electric bike illegally, even though I have.. Police stopped me once because they wanted to konw what it was.. I let them ride it! Not to be too ageist, since i'm 61, but I really don't think police are going to be targeting a 76 year old riding an...
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    Batteries: Less charging cycles or using less battery capacity?

    Batteries are cheap enough that you shouldn't worry about not using a fully charge.. If you can, charge to 90% and don't discharge below 20%... However, it is much practical that you use the bike and enjoy it!
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    Battery obsolosence.

    Battery technology changes won't cause your ebike to become obsolete, cause they will offer spare parts... If your bike manufacturer goes out of business, they you have to find someone willing to rebuild the old one.. more of a challenge. The way around all this is to buy and build an ebike...
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    Innovations from Eurobike 2018

    Interesting product. Needs a lot more battery
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    Hello from Calgary AB

    I've been in a lot of heavy rainstorms in Miami on my ebike for years... The only times i've had a problem is when the hub gets drenched though a puddle.. It cuts out until the water clears. Not sure if the tape helps. Best thing you can do is get it inside, preferably in a warm room, so it...
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    Yukon tires: 4" to 3"?

    I feel the same way about those fat tires... So long as your rim is narrower than your tire, you should be just fine. What is the width of the front rim? My guess is that your rim is just over 3", so you could use a 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 tire. If the rim is 4" wide you could just replace the rim...
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    Report of my first 4000 miles on a CCS (also my first 5 months of owning it)

    Those plastic gears are a consumable item that you probably want to stock as spare. Ask the resident Juiced rep on this forum. It should be a user replaceable item