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    Trek Allant+ 8S -2020 Model - Amazing style and value at $4299

    Are they all just women's designs though? The new politically correct name for that frame is STEP THROUGH or LOW STEP. It is for women and old men who have nothing left to prove to anyone anymore!
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    Trek Allant+ 8S -2020 Model - Amazing style and value at $4299

    Add a nice rear rack, suspension fork, Gates belt drive, and a good IGH hub and then you would have an amazing value at $4299. My R&M Nevo GH has all that and more and it only cost $400 more so I'm sure it could be done.
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    What's a fair price for a used Vado 2.0

    The more you comment, the less sense you make.
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    E bike Cover For Highway Travel

    I would be more concerned on a motorcycle than bicycle. The width of the gas tank on motorcycles is prrobablly 15" - 24". The width of the cross bar and down tube on a bicycle is more like 2"-3". On my bicycle, the width of the handlebars and pedals will keep the cover from touching any...
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    How to install water bottle cage on Nevo GH

    That would be one way to do it, but it would mean that the nut would be on the outside of cage. One of those threaded rivet nuts that compresses to make a permanent threaded insert would be a preferred option, but I would have to make sure it did not interfere with the battery fit. I wonder...
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    How to install water bottle cage on Nevo GH

    I have a 2019 Nevo GH single battery PowerTube integrated battery. If you remove the battery, you can see two holes that go all the way through the top side of the down tube. These holes go all the way through the down tube and are covered with the black tape on the outside of down tube. I...
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    E bike Cover For Highway Travel

    I have a Nevo GH. I think the width of the handlebars and pedals will hold the cover off all the painted surfaces. I don's see that being a problem at all. We used something similar to felt on the inside of my boat covers in the past. We could do that if I have any spots rubbing...
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    E bike Cover For Highway Travel

    I don't know what you mean by "good money", but is $225 for a custom fit cover that will easily last 10-15 years reasonable to you? I live near the beach so there is a ton of saltwater boats in my area. We are fortunate enough to have a couple of excellent canvas shops in our area that...
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    What Drives Riese & Müller?

    I like seeing companies that are focused on more than the bottom line. It is unfortunate that so many small companies start out like this and eventually get gobbled up by larger companies with a primary focus on profits. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting. I'm also really enjoying my...
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    anyone know of a single only one ebike platform rack?

    I just purchased my second 1Up USA rack. Nothing wrong with the first one which was the standard Quick Rack rated at 50 lbs per bike. I wanted their Super Duty model rated at 75 lbs per bike. I got the new one today and set it up for my ebike. I continue to be extremely impressed with all...
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    Need suggestions for fast ebike

    Most of the serious commuters use don't use drop bars. They use flat bars as they prefer to keep their heads and eyes up so that they can keep an eye on traffic around them. As mentioned above, you'll probably have a hard time finding a drop bar bike that meets all your requirements. 40 miles...
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    Trek adopts MIK (Basil) rack system

    I just got my 2019 Nevo GH a couple of days ago. My rear rack is a Racktime. I wonder why yours came with MIK and mine came with Racktime? My frame size is 43 which could be the difference.
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    How to contact other members?

    Is there a way to contact other members via private message, email relay, etc?
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    Front skewer size on 2019 Nevo GH

    Thank you very much. Hope to visit your NY shop sometime during the next few months.
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    birth anoucement

    Congrats! The stork is heading east with a new Nevo GH for me as well Expecting delivery on Tue, 17 Sep.
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    Front skewer size on 2019 Nevo GH

    I've got a 2019 R&M Nevo GH on order that I should receive next week. I would like to order a Kuat Dirtbag fork hold down. In order to get the correct one, I need to know the skewer size on the Nevo GH front wheel. Anyone know for sure what the size is? Frame size is 43 cm with 26" wheel if...
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    Car carrier advice for Explore E+ 1

    The current Thule T1 has the following comment on Thule's website: Not for use with front fenders
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    Car carrier advice for Explore E+ 1

    I just spoke with Brook at 1Up USA. She took the time to look up a picture of my new bike (Riese & Muller Nevo GH) and said the front fender/wheel would not need the foam fender roller, but the rear arm would need the foam fender roller. Brook said they use the fender roller/protector all the...
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    Car carrier advice for Explore E+ 1

    The 1Up USA Super Duty Single holds one bike up to 75 lbs. You can add on a second or third rack that is rated for 225 llbs total. The Super Duty Single only weighs 28 lbs and comes with a reusable storage box. The Thule T1 is only rated at 60 lbs and weighs 29 lbs. I've owned a Thule T2...