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  1. elyhim

    My Closest Trail

    I moved in July and found some new to me trails. I like having a fun spot within a few minutes drive or ride. Here's excerpts of me learning them last month. What's your closest trail like? EMTB - NC
  2. elyhim

    EMTB - NC Lake Norman Monbo

    Youtube - Lake Norman NC Fun trails! primitive camping - highly reccommend!
  3. elyhim

    Warm Up Loop Raleigh/Durham Airport

  4. elyhim

    USFS Allows Emtb in Mammoth Bike Park

    The real problem is a social problem. I think the USFS sees that now. Much like Rangers in DC and elsewhere have stated. Class I's will be allowed everywhere. It will just happen piece by piece slowly to accommodate social change. Forest Service Allows Emtb's
  5. elyhim

    Off Road

    Finding new trails every day.
  6. elyhim

    What would you upgrade?

    Over 500 miles of singletracks in less than 4 months on my Powerfly 8 FS. Replaced cranks and Bosch control unit (took a hard knock off trail endo avoiding downed tree). What are the general upgrades? Shadow XT derailer? where to go up from there? Any suggestions? Differences in chains...
  7. elyhim

    Powerfly 8 FS

    I'm nearing 50, overweight. Hadn't ridden much since hit by a car 6 years ago. Wanted to start commuting via bike and being more healthy. I was waiting for the Supercommuter. I went with the Powerfly thinking I could switch wheels and try both. The Powerfly on pavement is a beach cruiser. It...