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    Fender recommendations for Turbo (hub drive)

    bumping thread in case anyone else has leads for an off-the-shelf fender system that will work on a Paragon fork up front (stock OEM) and the Turbo X's rear wheel.
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    Best battery charging practice.

    One thing I don't know is whether leaving your battery at 30% or 20% or 10% or whatever for a few days or a week or longer harms the battery. How much benefit is there from taking the trouble to charge it up to 40-60 after every ride (and then charging again the night before you actually ride).
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    Real competition from the new Trek Allant+

    I am happy with my 2016 Turbo X (hub drive), but if I needed a new bike, this would be pretty competitive and definitely worth a look: The...
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    Best battery charging practice.

    I think Specialized has put some thought into this and "fully" charging the batteries isn't actually 100% - that's why they can last so long. I charge mine completely before each ride and after about 4500 miles on this battery the app says it is still at like 95 or 96% of original capacity.
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    Pannier for Vado

    I don't have a Vado, so I can't comment on fitment / attachment, but I do have an Arkel bag (made in Canada) and it's fabulous. Very happy and the attachment system is top notch. Really high quality product and well worth the price - it looks and performs great after years of commuting.
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    Cleaning and washing Vado

    I use the white lightning spray cleaner and then gently hose it off. I wipe/dry with a microfiber towel. Easy enough, no issues, and the bike looks great (until my next foray onto the dirt)...
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    Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires popping off wheel

    FWIW, I've been using Schwalbe Almotion tires on my 2016 Turbo X and have been quite happy. The only flats are ones that no tire could have prevented.
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    Vado - Display Range of miles remaining help

    I recommend posting here to catch the other Specialized riders:
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    Ordered my 2020 Vado 4.0

    Sounds like a great move to keep your health and sanity (plus save some time). What are your current commute options and how long do they take? Where in Europe are you? I've got around 5000 miles (8000 km) on my Turbo (prior gen with the hub drive) and it has really been amazing for my commute!
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    Specialized Turbo Creo 28mph Electric Road Bike

    Am I off or is that battery size a complete deal breaker? My Turbo X (hub drive) has a 691 Wh battery (over 2x the size of this one) and realistic range at Eco60 (60% assist) is roughly 30 miles (cruising at 26-27 mph and pedaling hard). You would be hard pressed to get 20 miles out of this...
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    Loose Motor on Como 2.0 UPDATE: Cracked Frame (Vados too)

    Great outcome and awesome to see Specialized standing behind its products.
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    About to buy a 2018 Turbo Vado 6.0 (grey, large), anything I should know?

    Good luck with your new ride! I have close to 5000 miles on my Turbo X (prior generation) and I agree with the advice that having a good relationship with a good dealer is key. I've had some issues but the dealer has been great about resolving them and getting me back on the bike! For issue #3...
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    Fender recommendations for Turbo (hub drive)

    I have a 2016 Turbo X. Does anyone have recommendations for fenders? I ride enough in the wet over the winter that I want to add fenders once rainy season starts.
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    2013 Turbo Still going strong - although I am preparing to sell it

    @Brambor Very cool to hear and promising for those of us with newer bikes. I have a 2016 and had a battery replaced under warranty but everything has been great for a while now. Any idea how many miles you've put on the bike? 10k miles plus? I'm closing in on 5k miles and my original chain is...
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    Some questions now that I´m waiting..

    I have the prior-gen Turbo X (2016) with a rear (hub) drive, so apples to oranges, but since you asked... When I'm cruising on flat sections with no wind, my speed is generally between 26-28mph but I'm putting in significant effort (I'd guess around 200W). I don't think my motor alone with...
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    Got my 2015 base Turbo out for the first time in over 1.5 years

    Very interesting. I did the same ride three times this week, 16.1 miles and around 200 ft of climbing with at least 7 stop lights, once at Eco40, once at Eco60, and once at Eco70. At Eco40, I used 14.6Wh/mi and averaged 19.7 mph. At Eco60, I used 24.6Wh/mi and averaged 19.2 mph. At Eco70, I...
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    Schwalbe 47-622 smaller than Trigger Sport 47-622 Tire

    I would love to go tubeless but I was told by Specialized that the wheels on my bike (2016 Turbo X) aren't tubeless ready/compatible.
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    Charging: My other e-bike is a Tesla

    Yes! I bought a similar one on Amazon and it works great. That said, with over 3000 miles on my battery (and 4000 on the bike), my battery is still at well over 90% (don't have the exact figure with me right now), so I do think that Specialized's 100% is actually much less and that the system is...
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    Prior Gen (Hub Drive) Turbo Display Issues

    @Ron G were you able to find a new one? My LBS says Specialized has a big stock right now.
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    Hub-Drive Turbo shut off and now will turn on and then immediately die

    Good news - it was just a bad display. My LBS (Specialized dealer) replaced it for $100 (out of warranty) and it seems fine now.