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    Cross 4.0 chain rub on side of strike plate

    I have a cross 4.0. I was performing maintenance and noticed that when in low/1st gear that the chain rubs the side of the motor skidplate. Is this design flaw or known issue? I can easily grind down the area of rub but want to throw this issue out there to see if anyone else has this issue with...
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    Frame adapters for water bottle , pump etc

    Just purchased my first bike haibike xduro cross 4.0. My only gripe is that there are not bosses on frame for water bottle and pump. I have scoured amazon and web and not seeing anything that’s aftermarket that I want to try. Most of the one I did find are basically zip ties and some sort of...
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    Xduro cross 4.0 accessories

    Just purchased my first ebike. Ready to accessorize it. My only complaint with this bike is no bosses for water bottle and pump. Can you share what you use to mount pump and water bottle? My riding is mixed between street and mellow trails. Thanks!
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    Black Friday

    I am shopping for a new ebike and am wondering if any company's will be offering a sale on black friday. Was hoping to save a bit of cash. Anyone experiencing the last year or two>
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    Perry’s Power Bikes

    Anyone have experience with this manufacturer? His bikes have nicer components than other entry level comparables and he has been very responsive to presales questions. I just can’t find any reviews on experiences. Right now I am torn between m2s Kush and Perry’s f2 fat tire
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    China tariffs

    What is going to happen to the cost of most of these bikes when tariffs kick in in January?
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    4” to 3” tire replacement

    Thinking of buying a fat tire ebike and one of the first things I want to possibly do when tires wear out is go down to a 3” tire. Will the rim accommodate a smaller tire? I am just trying to get the best of both worlds