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    Hello from Knoxville, TN

    Hello, I m over in Sevier Co. my wife and I both have Electra electric bikes, hers a townie go and mine the commute model. We bought hers a few years ago from REI, mine a few weeks ago from Cycology in Maryville. They are a Trek and Electra dealer, and I m very impressed with their operation, a...
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    Cargo Box Solution for my needs

    Those look really nice! How much do they weigh? Could you show a close up of the mounting points? Thanks
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    Bike Rack

    I have a Hollywood rack made for two electric bikes. I have used it for two long trips ( Tn. to Hilton Head, and Grayson Beach Fl) . The rack handled the bikes the distance with no problems, and I felt at ease with the setup......I did check everything at every stop however. The Hollywood...
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    Best ebike on the market if money is no issue?

    Take a look at the Electra Cafe ‘Moto Go. You can t get much cooler looking than that! Belt drive, and the price is not bad!
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    Commute Go

    Hello to all the Electra owners! My wife has a Townie, and I just go a Commute . It is a step through, in glossy black. It came with the front rack, I don t know if I like it or not but I think it looks cool. Has anyone added mirrors to the mustache handlebars? I keep looking at the bars and it...
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    Commute Go

    I have been looking at this bike also. My wife has the townie go and we really like it. The Electra bikes are available at REI stores. When you buy there you receive 10% of the purchase price in “dividends” which you can receive a check for that amount after a year. I m surprised there is not...
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    Looking at Electra Loft Go -- but getting lost down the online rabbit hole.

    Hello, If you buy the bike at REI you get 10% back in dividends that you can use to buy stuff or receive a check for that amount. You will have to wait a year, but that would be a nice savings. We bought a Electra Townie go8 there for my wife, and have been pleased with the bike. It has the same...
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    Hitch Mount Bike Rack

    I have the Hollywood, purchased from trailer. I ve been happy with it. It is heavy.
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    Priority bike

    I just got a e mail from Priority Bikes. I bought a regular bike from them last year and have been very pleased with it. The e- mail was announcing their all new e bike. A lot of features, $3999, on sale throu Sunday for $3499..... Priority s selling point is their low maintenance. That is what...
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    Best 2 e-bike carrier for the money

    I have a Hollywood rack I bought from etrailer . I have been very happy with the Hollywood rack. I also bought my trailer hitch from etrailer. They are excellant.
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    Advice on Trek vs. Raleigh vs. IZIP

    REI is a dealer for Electra brand electric bikes. If they do not have in stock they can order. I m sure they have stores in your area. Also, you get 10% of purchase price in " dividends" that can be used during a certain time of the year, or get a check for that amount .
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    After reading the review by Court on the Kiox, I emailed Electra , asking would any of their 2019 models come with the new display. The answer was not right now. They also said they had a bike coming out later this year that would use the PowerPack500. I wonder if it will be a new model, or just...
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    Bosch Kiox Electric Bike Display Details

    Is this the display that will be on all 2019 bikes that use the Bosch system ( Like Electra) or just higher end bikes?
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    I do not ever see much about Electra bikes on these forums, and I wonder why. I bought my wife a Townie Go, and she really likes it. I m considering a Electra commute go for me. The big deciding factors were Courts reviews and the fact that ERI is a dealer, and there's a lot of them around the...
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    Hello from Tennessee

    We ordered our bike from REI after seeing one on the floor there. The store near us ( Knoxville) does not stock them. One good reason to buy from REI is the 10% dividend "rebate" that can be used for purchases OR receive a check for the amount, during a certain time period the next year.... In...
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    Hello from Tennessee

    I bought my wife a Townie go 8i last year and looking to buy a Townie commute 8i for me this year. Bought a Hollywood rack for transport . The reviews by Court were very helpful . At the time I bought my wife's bike REI was only local electric bike dealer, this also influenced my decision to go...