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  1. Brambor

    2013 Turbo Still going strong - although I am preparing to sell it

    Hello there, I just wanted to report and (ease some prospective buyers anxieties) that my 2013 Specialized Turbo is still going like it has the day I purchased it. I really do not see any reduction in battery life or detriment to the riding assist or speed. The bike literally goes just like it...
  2. Brambor

    Tandem eBike ?

    Howdy. The thought just crossed my mind a few days ago while thinking of someone who's significant other may be incapable of riding alone but would do ok on a tandem. OTOH a tandem is a litlle bit harder for going uphill than on a single bike I thought a tandem eBike could be the solution. Are...
  3. Brambor

    Budnitz Ebike

    The infamously overpriced Budnitz now has an ebike
  4. Brambor

    Long John Ebike - any forum members own one ?

    Do any forum members own a Long John Ebike ? I'm intrigued by the appeal of this utility bike although not completely sure about the driveability and weight of such machine :) Something like this : or here with BionX:
  5. Brambor

    Interview: Michael Kelley Advocates For E-Bikes On The Trails
  6. Brambor

    Work on Turbo bottom bracket

    Has anyone had any work done on the Turbo S bottom bracket? I'm thinking having my LBS working on it and wonder if the bottom bracket is fair game for non Turbo Trained technician or whether there are some electronic components in the bottom bracket? I am assuming it should be ok for him to work...
  7. Brambor

    Anyone here joined the National Bike Challenge? Log your miles, earn prizes and respect ;-)
  8. Brambor

    Biking Trips

    Peaks island today
  9. Brambor

    Misceo iE

    Court just posted a review of Interesting new entry by Shimano Mid Drive
  10. Brambor

    Is there a BionX kit for folding bicycles ?

    I have something like this laying unused in my basement. Is this a waste of time or is there a BionX kit out there I could use to convert this POS bike ? :-)
  11. Brambor

    Rapid Charging

    I wonder how long does the battery last :-) but if this got to cars and ebikes that would be revolutionary wouldn't it ? :-)
  12. Brambor

    Felt Lebowsk-e Review
  13. Brambor

    ST2 video

  14. Brambor

    The bike from ... somewhere

    Check out this futuristic ebike and then ET Phone Home. somehow I can't figure out which part to sit on and whether it is supposed to hurt or not :-)
  15. Brambor

    ebike attachment to a wheel chair

    Saw this on facebook. Pretty cool.
  16. Brambor

    Calories Burned - Fitness Band Owners please contribute

    Here is an interesting information that I just found out this morning while answering a post on Fat Bike Forum. Lately, I have been wearing a fitness band that measures my heart rate. Lately I have also been enjoying riding a fat bike. Looking at the fitness band's interpretation of calories...
  17. Brambor

    Maximum width tire on the Specialized Turbo

    What do you think could be the maximum width tire on the Specialized Turbo? The current tire is Specialized Electrak Armadillo, 60TPI, wire bead, 700x45c. Appears to be about 3" wide? There seems to be about 1/2 inch room on each side to accomodate a wider tire.
  18. Brambor

    Felt Outdoor hunting/fishing expedition bike
  19. Brambor

    Fatbike XDuro

    Now that I'm eyeing fat bike offering for my winter commute (I am waiting for Felt) I discovered this unknown (to me) Haibike: I wonder when will this puppy be available in the USA?,3006,22840,detail.html
  20. Brambor

    Felt Fatbike