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  1. Browneye

    Yamaha PW speed unlockers... SpeedBox2 vs EPlus vs BadAssBox 4 or 3.4

    Giant 2020 has a six-sensor controller, I thought the yam-brand already had that. Bummer. My 2019 is super easy to derestrict.
  2. Browneye

    Help finding balanced commuter / errand bike < ~$2k

    They are $2500 here for 2020 model. Minor improvements over 2019. 20% off is a good price. Stem or bars are cheap - I nearly always change one other the other to get a comfortable reach. You could probly get them to do that for you. A flat bar or lower stem. Haibike is discounting 40-50% on...
  3. Browneye

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Newport Beach 'back bay', So-Cal.
  4. Browneye

    Help finding balanced commuter / errand bike < ~$2k

    Based on favor of the Trek Verve+, I would say go down the street to your competing dealer and test ride the Giant Explore and the Specialized Vado. These are the 'big-3', the most market share, good bikes, but more importantly they're the top bike companies in the US so you are assured of...
  5. Browneye

    No power! Pedal assist not working.

    On the connecting terminals and pins, the connect socket.
  6. Browneye

    Help finding balanced commuter / errand bike < ~$2k

    Hands down Trek. Never even heard of the other brand. If nothing else you'll make it up on resale for simple brand recognition. The no-name import is probably faster. But Trek makes a REALLY nice bike - the quality is there. Seems you landed on a dealer for support as well - in all likelihood...
  7. Browneye

    Speed Limitations to ride the RadCity today, and a RadRover - both are very nice bikes. For me personally, I don't care for 'fat bikes', they just seem over the top to me. And they are very bulky and like riding a freight train. The City, much more refined, has 2.3 tires so surely not 'skinny', and while...
  8. Browneye

    Explorer +2

    None taken. 👍
  9. Browneye

    How good is the Como 4.0 AND does the motor break down?

    When you buy Specialized, Trek, or Giant, you never have to worry - the 'big-3'. 👍 They are the ones everything else is measured against. Surely there some other good brands, some with good longevity, like Raleigh, Norco, Haibike, Yamaha, Motobecane, Cannondale, etc. None of them have market...
  10. Browneye

    When you want to haul with your van

    There are some hoop-doopb options for motorcycles in vans and trailers - slot rails and chocks, etc., so look there. Not your LBS realm. Links on request.
  11. Browneye

    Battery doesn’t charge beyond 84%

    Check for a display setting for voltage - maybe it's set for 52v. Or perhaps you got a 52v battery. And yes, put a volt meter on the battery lead after a full charge - it should be close to the 54v full charge value. If so it would indicate an errant value on your display. A 48v charger won't...
  12. Browneye

    Auto-Tuners/De-Limiters - Regret it or Best Decision Ever?

    Utilize one if it works for you. No one is going to take your birthday away! 🤣 When I feel I'm done with warranty - no longer need it, will do the crank-mag hack. I tried one and the Yamaha really goes. Smokes the brakes if anything. And messes with the smartphone app values, but a separate...
  13. Browneye

    Yamaha PW speed unlockers... SpeedBox2 vs EPlus vs BadAssBox 4 or 3.4

    Why don’t you have them exchange it for the correct one? Both are listed on their site.
  14. Browneye

    Explorer +2

    Sure...take it to the shop. 👍
  15. Browneye

    Electrified Specialized Roll Sport

    Thanks! Yours too. The Roll is a perfect bike for a conversion. In fact, I almost bought a new one for myself. I think if you're going to ride over 20mph much the 44T will work out better. Wifey isn't too speedy on hers. In fact, I've got the max-speed limit set at 20 and she's good. Rack is...
  16. Browneye

    Electrified Specialized Roll Sport

    Same. Wifey's Roll Sport, geared-hub kit. She loves it. 👍 I decided to change the front crank set to a single 42T - she never shifted anyway, the 38 center was a little short, the 48 a little tall, and now with hub-drive in between is perfect. Plus it cleaned up the bars, I could now use the...
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    How good is the Como 4.0 AND does the motor break down?

    1. Good 2. No ;)
  18. Browneye

    Explorer +2

    There are two primary adjustments for the derailleur for smooth shifts - just went through this with mine, a brand new explore+3. 1. There is a screw adjust for how close the top tensioner roller sits from the cassette gear/ring(s) - it should be as close as possible on all gears but not...
  19. Browneye

    Anybody Rotate Their Tires?

    Also, tires rated for 'tubeless' use have a non-porous lining. A tube-type tire may or may not hold air by itself. I don't know about bicycle tires, but a tubeless-rated motorcycle tire also has a different bead that seals better. And yes, at sidewalk speeds a blow-out might mean grinding to a...
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    Speed Limitations

    See if you can find a local demo for RadPower bikes - they are setting them up around the country. RadPower is enjoying good success and have a reasonably good reputation - but you're kind of on your own if you have them ship you one instead of buying a bike from your local bike shop. Some...