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    Real competition from the new Trek Allant+

    I am happy with my 2016 Turbo X (hub drive), but if I needed a new bike, this would be pretty competitive and definitely worth a look: The...
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    Fender recommendations for Turbo (hub drive)

    I have a 2016 Turbo X. Does anyone have recommendations for fenders? I ride enough in the wet over the winter that I want to add fenders once rainy season starts.
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    Hub-Drive Turbo shut off and now will turn on and then immediately die

    I have a 2016 Turbo X with about 4000 miles. Today on my commute it just lost all power out of the blue (it continued to read 27 mph as my speed got slower and slower and then I stopped). I had to ride the last 7-8 miles to work without any assist, which was a good workout! When I turn it on...
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    Prior Gen (Hub Drive) Turbo Display Issues

    The joystick in my display seems to have gone out. I can go "down" modes (from Turbo to Eco to Zero to Regen) but not back up. It rides fine just staying in Eco, but I'm wondering if others have seen this issue. A new display is $100 and my LBS initially thought they were discontinued but some...
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    New Mission Control App

    I just got an email. Has anyone checked it out yet?
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    Vado vs. Turbo X/S Efficiency -- How many Wh/mi?

    I'm curious what kind of power usage stats you guys are seeing. I've heard that mid-drive bikes are supposed to be more efficient but I don't know if that's actually true. I'm typically seeing 17-20 Wh/mi and I'm cruising at around 26-27 mph (average is more like 20 with stop lights but my...
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    Turbo (hub drive) Anyone know the current versions of battery and motor software?

    I’m on firmware 5.17 for the battery 55.0 for the motor
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    Schwalbe Almotion vs. Energizer

    Probably the 1.75" (700x47) Energizer vs. the 2.0" (700x50) Almotion. This is for a 45 kph pedelec (Specialized Turbo X - stock tire width is 47 / 1.75). I would likely use tubes either way. Anyone have experience with both and any view? Most seem to love the Energizer but a few have said that...
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    Turbo X Tubeless ready?

    Anyone know if the 2017 Turbo X wheels are tubeless ready? How can I tell? FRONT HUBSpecialized, Hi Lo disc, alloy, RCC bearing system, QR, 36hSPOKESStainless, 2.3/2.0/2.0mmRIMS700c, disc, alloy, double-wall, pin joint, 36hFRONT TIRESpecialized Trigger Sport, 60TPI, wire bead, BlackBelt...
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    Turbo (hub drive) - anyone have issues with brake cable rubbing the paint off the head tube? (see pic)

    I love my bike (2016/17 250W Turbo X) and am starting to ramp up my commuting now that the weather is getting consistently good (dry) and sunset is getting later! There is one current annoyance - the brake cable (housing, really) is rubbing against the head tube. I took it in to my Specialized...
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    Can I use Mission Control to control battery usage to make sure I will be able to finish my ride?

    I'd like to try my longest ride ever on Thursday. 44 miles (flat). I have a 2016 Turbo X (250W motor) with an upgraded 691 Wh battery. Say I want to use no more than 90% of the battery and it starts at 96%. That means I can use 86% of 691 Wh = 594 Wh. Over 44 miles, that averages out to...
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    How to interpret power numbers

    If I wanted to figure out the average amount of power my e-bike is adding, is it right to simply calculate the amount of W-hr used and divide it by the time? E.g., Sample Inputs Battery capacity = 500 Watt hour Battery started ride at 100% Battery ended ride at 50% Ride lasted 1 hour (60...
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    Disc brake pad life?

    My front brakes have gotten noisy and the pads look thin (but there wasn't much pad to start with). The measurements are so small and precise that I have no way to check. I have a little over 1000 miles (1600k) on my bike, much of it at higher speeds (because it's an ebike). I don't think I...
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    Riding a Turbo across the country

    This is from back in 2015, but I hadn't seen this before: Very cool!
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    Turbo (hub drive) metallic sound?

    I hear a sound when pedaling that almost sounds like a wire whisk moving around in a metal pan. Has anyone else heard this? Could it possibly be related to the motor? (this is for a TurboX but it's basically the same drivetrain as all the GoSwiss/hub Turbos)
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    Turbo X became nonresponsive and has been at the shop since late July

    Bike would not turn on, charge, or do anything. It's been at the LBS since late July and the problem hasn't been found yet, much less fixed. The shop had at least 2-3 other Turbos in for repair/warranty. I feel somewhat powerless other than asking for updates every few days. Any advice...
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    How to restart? Bike won't turn on or charge

    I have a Turbo X. I believe I saw the instructions to reset the system somewhere in this forum, but I can't find them now after a few searches. Yesterday, I charged the bike to around 50% and then unplugged. Today, I plugged in and nothing happened. Bike won't turn on. I removed the battery...
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    Loosening water-bottle cage bolts opens up the battery

    2016 Turbo X (but probably the same for all non-Levo/Vado Turbos) When I tried to remove my water-bottle cage, it was screwed in so tightly that I couldn't loosen it individually and it actually opened up the battery. Has anyone else had this issue and what is the remedy? (the cage was...
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    Sprite -- too much assist on lowest level

    Asking for a friend - The Sprite has too much "boost" (assist) even on the lowest level. Is there a way to hack this or otherwise reduce the amount of assist? The goal for the purchaser was to get a little extra oomph to be able to ride with someone else but she is leaving him in the dust even...
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    Quick question: What size allen for rear axle (removing rear wheel)?

    This is for a 2016 Turbo X but I imagine they're all the same. Is it a 5mm? Thanks!