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    Bolton e bike Mid drive 1000 watt fat tire bike

    Company is actually named after Ogden Bolton who invented the first electric bicycle in the 1890's
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    Cop cycle...50mph

    the pictures are a little stretched out on this website but still pretty wide
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    Cop cycle...50mph

    So they can burn off the donuts? ;) I can see pedalling useful for slow patrol like at large events, but the power is there if they need it.
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    Any Black Friday ebike sales?

    Motostrano is having a liquidation ebike sale. Some pretty nice prices
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    Any Black Friday ebike sales?

    Any BBSHD deals?
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    Specialized battery solution. Problem solved!

    Mine goes in with a firm slap to click it in. Have you tried turning the key while inserting the battery to get the latch out of the way, then slapping it to finish it off? Might help to get by the initial lip of the lock. Interesting if other manufacturers using the same Abus lock for their...
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    Any Black Friday ebike sales?

    Post info if you hear of any Haibike states on their site they will be having BF specials
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    Recommend a bike rack for ebike with fenders

    I have the hollywood rack for my turbo vado. the rack holds the bike by the frame instead of pushing down over the tires. Works great and holds up to 80lbs per bike. There is a cheaper version made by a company called Overdrive that is rated for about 60lbs per bike.
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    Do you use mirror with your Turbo Vado?

    I use this one on my Turbo Vado, works great below the handlebar
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    A used less than 100 mile 2020 Vado 4.0 step thru for $2650. But I would lose new warranties not electronic related. Opinions

    Wow didn't realize you had to be the original owner. That's a tough choice since its normally lifetime warranty. "If you're the second, or later, owner of a Specialized or Roval product, you are eligible for a two-year warranty from the date of the original retail purchase."...
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    VADO 3.0 confusion between year old bike and new bike

    I own a 2020 Vado 3.0 and so do several other members here, everyone confirms its class 3. Maybe its the early 2020 ones but they are. Previous conversation in this thread
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    How long did you research e-bikes before buying your first one?

    ebike tech is changing faster than televisions at the moment. batteries are getting slimmer and slimmer. 2020 stuff is looking pretty slick though
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    Which frame lock mounts to the Specialized Turbo factory mounts?

    Any mount a frame lock to the factory mounts on a Turbo bicycle? I tried the ABUS 4960 but the mounting hardware was too narrow. Wondering if the XL sized ones will work.
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Im saying what i said in post #9
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    Class 1 vs 3

    A biker near here died recently when someone opened their car door suddenly and he got launched into the intersection and got hit by a truck. Too many variables
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    Class 1 vs 3

    If you are riding mainly in the city with stops, traffic, and pedestrians, youre not hitting 28 mph very often unless you like living on the edge
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    Vado 3.0 vs 4.0 (U.S. market)

    You can get your battery rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of the extended battery. it all fits in the same casing just more range.
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    Hitch Mount Bike Rack

    Is there a 4 bike option for ebikes? Picked up the Hollywood rack which works great, but realized no extension option
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    Bike work stand

    The hydraulic is somewhat off topic. Normal people would be looking for regular, not sure why you need a $2k hydraulic for a 60 lbs bike