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    Hello, I purchase the domane+ and I had to upgrade the rims and the tires.I used the bontrager XXX 4 and r3 tubless ready tire.I also, upgrade the handlebar to the bontrager carbon . I rode the bike for the first time last week Oct 2019 for 56 miles . I turn the power on at 18 miles and rode the...
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    Stromer ST2 vs Trek Domane + 2019

    Hello< I live in new jersey. I purchase the domane + May 2019, and I had to upgrade the rims to Bontrager XXX 4 with tire replacement R3 100x32 tubless ready. The bike rides like a BMW M-3 but comfortable ride. Very Very Very happy with the bike . With the upgrades , I can get about 48 miles in...
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    TREK Domane+ 2019, thoughts, price, issue?

    HI, I purchased the Domane + May 2019.. You have to replace the rims because they're not performance rims. I replace them with Bontrager xxx 4 carbon rims (night and Day). Also ,i'm not a off road rider. So, I replace the tires to a Bontrager R3-100-32 tubless ready ( night and day). I live in...