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    Scrambler throttle / controller upgrade kit - broken molex connector

    When I was removing the old controller the cable connector insert pulled out of the yellow cable that appears to go to the crank (pics below). I hate those connectors with a passion! I just submitted a ticket with Juiced support but am concerned about wait times on replacement parts. Can I...
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    Best inner tubes

    Well in my excitement to try out my new Crosscurrent S I took it for a spin around the parking lot yesterday before checking the tire pressure and the rear tire was flat this morning. I think I must have pinched a tube (default Kenda tires). Does anyone have recommendations for tubes for...
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    Battery doesn't fit

    Has anyone had an issue with the battery not lining up properly? I'm not sure if it is the seat or the battery itself but when it is fully seated in the bottom it is not centered at the top. I just shot Juicedbikes an email and am hoping it is an easy fix or that I'm just completely missing...