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  1. Marceltt

    Banana seat

    Hi guys I seen a Rad rover that had a banana seat with a shock absorber . Just wondering where you can buy that ?
  2. Marceltt

    Bike work stand

    hi guys , I’m looking to buy a bike stand to work on my bike. I have the Pedego Ridge Rider and would appreciate some feedback on stands for this bike. Thanks in advance
  3. Marceltt

    Tools for Pedego Dapu Motor

    Hi guys , just wondering if anyone knows were you can buy the socket tools to work on a Pedego ridge rider Dapu motor ? Thanks
  4. Marceltt

    Cable wrap

    Hi guys , does anyone know where I can find this kind of cable wrap. I like the style of this.
  5. Marceltt

    Torque or cadence

    Hi guys does the Teo have torque and cadence sensing ?
  6. Marceltt

    Chain rub

    Hi guys just wondering do you find the chain rubs up against the side of your rear tire ? I saw on a few Rad bikes that the chain was tubing against the tire and putting wear on side of tire in rear. Just want to know if the Teo does this too ?
  7. Marceltt

    Trail tracker , Rad , or Teo fat bike

    Hi guys , I'm thinking of getting a fat bike and I already own the Pedego Ridge Rider. I have nailed it down to three - Trail tracker , Teo or the Rad. I'm torn between the three. Any input. I have read all the posts but still can't decide
  8. Marceltt

    Rear rack bike light

    Hi people , I'm looking for a battery or rechargeable rear red bike light that would fit on my axiom rear bike rack. Any suggestions anyone ? Thanks.
  9. Marceltt

    Jones H bar + Body Float

    I have to say that the Jones H bar and the body float makes for a really comfortable ride. Love it.
  10. Marceltt

    Throttle Exchange

    Hi guys , I own a pedego ridge rider and was looking for info if I can change my throttle to a thumb throttle? I don't use it that often and would like a full length handle bar grip or close to it. Any ideas guys and gals ?
  11. Marceltt

    Spoke Wheel wrench

    hi guys what size of spoke wheel wrench does a pedego ridge rider need ? Also which tool would you recommend? Thanks.
  12. Marceltt

    Seat post lock

    This is a link to a great seat post lock. First time I saw this. Going to order one to keep my suspension seat post from thiefs.
  13. Marceltt

    Gear guard.

    Hi guys where can I put a gear gaurs on my ridge rider ? Thanks
  14. Marceltt

    Motor cable

    hi guys I own a pedego ridge rider. Is this normal for the cable not being wrapped in this pic. Thanks.
  15. Marceltt

    Bike Rack

    hi guys looking for a bike rack to fit on my pedego ridge rider with disc brakes. Anyone have an feedback on which brand and fitting. Thanks.
  16. Marceltt

    Front tire quick release

    hi guys could anyone with a pedego ridge rider do a video on how to remove and replace the quick release on the front tire ? I know it seems silly but I have a hard time with it and would like to know if I'm doing it properly. Thank you. Marcel
  17. Marceltt

    Bike rear rack

    hi guys anyone buy a rear bike rack for a pedego ridge rider. Looking into buying one. Thanks
  18. Marceltt

    Body float

    hi guys got my 30.9 body float for my ridge rider. Looks great
  19. Marceltt

    Jones H Bar

    Hi guys got another question . Does anybody have a Jones H Bar on there Pedego Ridge Rider ? Before I order one I would love someone with experience with this handle bar. Thanks People.
  20. Marceltt

    Seat post suspension

    Hi fellow riders , does anyone have any suggestions on a seat post suspension on our ridge riders ? Thanks