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  1. Jolly

    Finally a 1000 watt mid drive fat bike.

    I am so happy to finally see this new 1000 watt mid drive coming out from Biktrik. Roshan has done an excellent job with this new one. As a guy 6'1 230lb. This fits what I was looking for. A nice integrated torque sensor mid drive with some power. What do you guys think...
  2. Jolly

    New Biktrik classic

    wow has any one seen this new Biktrik juggernaut with the purpose built frame for the bbs02b motor. I've been dreaming about a frame built for this bad boy. I think Roshan did an absolute wonder job on this bike. The one thing I did not like about the bafang kit was the cow utter look of the...
  3. Jolly

    No More BBS01 & BBS02 from Bafang

    I was browsing the Bafang website this morning and I notice that the BBS01/02 was missing from their line up of motors. Is this an indication that they stop making this mid drive unit and will concentrate on the BBSHD. I see that The BBSHD comes in...