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  1. hellsdragon

    Daymak Drive App Settings

    No problem I learned about the app from another ebike store I deal with
  2. hellsdragon

    Daymak Drive App Settings

    No problem it's a good app been using it for a few months now with no problems
  3. hellsdragon

    Daymak Drive App Settings

    I use yuyangking app for my bike it works with my em2 no password needed to get into settings
  4. hellsdragon

    Better app for daymak

    Is there a better app that I can use instead of the daymak app
  5. hellsdragon

    Daymak Drive App Settings

    Anyone know the new password for the app as fixme and akili123 don't seem to work
  6. hellsdragon


    I need a 72 volt 2.5 amp lead acid batteries
  7. hellsdragon

    Bike Alarm

    As u can see my ebike looks like a motorcycle and has the same steering lock they do I just turn the key to the lock position and it lock the bars in 1 spot and with my app I can lockout the motor as well
  8. hellsdragon

    Bike Alarm

    I use my alarm as it's built-in to my daymak EM2 plus I can lockout my steering
  9. hellsdragon


    I'm look for a good charger one that is better then the on that came with my bike is there better out there I got a 72 volt bike
  10. hellsdragon

    Is my battery bad?

    On a meter a 48v battery would read over 50 volts as my 72 volt battery ready 83.5 fully charged I have 6 12 volt batteries in my bike each battery reads 13.7 volts fully charged
  11. hellsdragon

    Em2 dealer settings

    Anyone know the dealer settings for the em2 as I'm not getting the range I use to ever since my app reset itself or any idea what could be the cause of the power drain I'm leaning towards the app settings right now don't think it's my motor or controller
  12. hellsdragon

    Ebs brakes

    Does anyone know how the end brakes work on a daymak EM2 just asking to know if I should have them on and to what setting
  13. hellsdragon

    new member

    Hey all
  14. hellsdragon

    Daymak Drive App Settings

    Sound like and app problem I just had to redo my em2 settings on the app