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    Ride1up range per battery charge

    FWIW Ride1up now has a 17.5Ah battery for the 500 for $449
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    Battery maintenance

    I've heard for long term storage (4-6 months or more), store the battery at 50%. However the Voltage definition of 50% of 4.2V batteries I've seen varies (I've seen 3.85V, 3.8V, 3.5V etc..). So anyone want to chime in what is the correct voltage of a 48V battery to be at 50%? Thanks in advance.
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    Swapped my 44T chainring for a 52T

    Before you go changing chainrings and/or cassettes, I suggest you use this extremely user friendly web page and enter your specifics (cogs/chainrings/tire size) to see the speed you could get at a comfortable cadence RPM.
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    Domino's and Rad Power Bikes Launch Ebike Delivery Nationwide
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    Is the CrossCurrent S2 52V the best value and speed and range for the money??

    With high-end specs like 52V/13Ah, 28MPH, hydraulic brakes, 25A controller, torque & cadence sensors, 9sp Shimano Altus drivetrain for $1799, I don't think another ebike comes even close to the value the CCS2 offers. One question I have has to do with range. The company says real range is...
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    Rad bikes going up

    Does anyone know if there is even an ebike (frame/battery/controller/display... I mean everything minus the Shimano stuff) that is made in the US???? All I know is that the few US manufacturing that is leaving China, is going NOT to the US but to nearby Asian countries, so that they can still be...
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    Down with spandex!

    During a 40 mile ride at average speed 23-24 mph, the last thing I have is energy to freaking wave... especially when I'm on the drops and trying to keep up with the group. The amount of energy exerted on a mechanical bike going that average speed is enormous... at least it is for me...
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    Down with spandex!

    Joke thread or not, hypothetically, if you were to try some of those things I read here on the roadie group (about 10 riders) that I sometimes ride with on a 40 mile trek, not only will they catch up to you (they are fit to do sprints at 30-33mph), but also beat the crap out of you as those guys...
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    Occasional clunking on RipCurrent - Bottom bracket?

    In my experience, not being able to reproduce on the stand, >>usually means<<, a torque related bottom bracket sound issue.
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    Extra "Yamaha" Battery- US Aftermarket

    I'd appreciate a link to that Cosas guy in Germany to purchase one. Thanks.
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    Could not have said it any better.
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    Down with spandex!

    Right on the money. That describes all the dumbasses, "that hate to slow down", perfectly...
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    Looking at used Rook

    Super great if battery is new. Ride it before you buy it and check for any weird noises from the rear wheel (hub/cassette). Check/adjust spokes and trueness of wheel (especially the rear wheel). Check all electronics for proper operation (LCD display, lights). Look for any scratches/dents in the...
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    Haibike Radius Tour

    That looks like a different saddle from stock... but I could be wrong.
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    That's why I wrote: "Maybe we should think of the Pace 500 as hybrid class between 2 & 3. ". Cause class 3 is clearly without a throttle.
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    This says you are wrong: The three classes are defined as follows: Class 1: eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. Class 2: eBikes that also...
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    @harryS is right. The Pace 500 would be a class 3 >>ONLY IF<< you unplug and remove the throttle (which will take you all of 60sec to do). Probably why the throttle is limiting speed to 20mph (and will be the 2nd thing I do to reprogram and remove that limit ;)). Maybe we should think of the...
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    As I said I was trying to compare apples to apples as the Rad comes with a suspension fork. BTW, the current swept back cruiser style handlebar would be the first thing I replace. A flat bar handlebar will run about $20. So problem solved. BTW, I think pace 500 has a head tube that is tapered...
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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    The Aventon Pace 500 has hydraulic brakes and class 3 speed, and IMO is the better ebike between those 2 which are very close in price when equipped equally (BTW, the juiced CrossCurrent S2 is +$400 more and you still have to pay +$100 more to add rack & fenders and tail light, so the comparison...
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    Safety and bike lanes

    DUI also another reason to be killed while cycling... so always use your rearview mirror (I use the Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror) to watch for erratic drivers... Costa Mesa fire captain dies 2 days after being struck by DUI suspect while cycling[/SIZE]...