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  1. Chris Nolte

    Citibike set to relaunch eBikes in NYC

    So Citibike is set to relaunch in NYC after multiple injuries due to improperly spec’d brakes and poor quality batteries. As much as I’m not one for regulation. Do we need some form of regulatory body to inspect these devices before they are released to the public again? I know this is a...
  2. Chris Nolte

    Father John Spreads the Good Word About eBikes in Brooklyn

    We met Father John Merz of Brooklyn a few years ago and his spirit and enthusiasm are contagious. We were excited to sit down with him to hear about his story of how he got his eBike and how it's changed his life. We were inspired by him and the work he does and we're excited to share his story...
  3. Chris Nolte

    Inside Royal Dutch Gazelle - Bikes for the People Since 1892

    We paid a visit to Gazelle and sat down with their director of Marketing and Innovation, Mirjam van Colie to learn a bit more of what they are up to. Gazelle has a rich history and we're excited to share some of that with you. More about Gazelle: See...
  4. Chris Nolte

    Why do the Dutch not wear bike helmets?

    After visiting the Netherlands recently I noticed an interesting phenomenon. It seems the Dutch don't wear bike helmets. I learned that under 1% of cyclists use helmets. I also learned that overall injuries to cyclists are way less than any place in the world, so what gives? From what I...
  5. Chris Nolte

    Video: Gazelle Ultimate t10 Review

    We had the pleasure of visiting Gazelle in Dieren in the Netherlands for an early preview of their 2020 bikes. We reviewed the Ultimate t10 which is a totally new low step bike for Gazelle. It's a sporty bike with the comfort you would expect on a Gazelle. I really enjoyed this bike and I think...
  6. Chris Nolte

    Bike Infrastructure Tour in Amsterdam with Meredith Glaser of the Urban Cycling Institute

    Urban Arrow arranged for a bike infrastructure tour while we were in town for their International Dealer Conference. I wanted to share this tour as I think it provides some really great explanations of what infrastructure in Amsterdam exists and how it works. More about Meredith and her...
  7. Chris Nolte

    Custom ebikes are now possible with Bosch

    Zach Krapfl discusses the custom eBikes program with Bosch & Saris. Zach has been involved with Bosch since the early days and he’s a master bike engineer. I hope you enjoy his presentation on custom ebikes.
  8. Chris Nolte

    Video: Gary Fisher on Why eBikes are the Next Big Thing!

    Gary Fisher did a talk at the Bosch Ebikes USA 5 year anniversary. He talked on a variety of topics and he was highly entertaining. Some of the topics included Electric Mountain Bikes, Ride Sharing, Public Transit and Scooters. We hope you enjoy the talk as much as we did!
  9. Chris Nolte

    Video: Why People for Bikes is Advocating for eBikes, Kids on Bikes & Bike Infrastructure

    Rod Judd from People for Bikes did a great presentation at Bosch eBikes five year anniversary party. He covered many topics including their new Ridespot App, trail access for eBikes and how getting kids on bikes can improve our future. More about People for Bikes at:
  10. Chris Nolte

    Video: Bosch eBikes CEO Claus Fleischer Reflects on the Early Days at Bosch

    Ever wonder how Bosch started their Ebike division? Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems reflects on the early days and how far Bosch has come with a focus on the US developments at the 5 year anniversary celebration in Lake Forest California. I hope you enjoy!
  11. Chris Nolte

    How a Riese & Müller eBike is Built

    We put together a little video showing how a Riese & Müller bike is built. We hope you enjoy!
  12. Chris Nolte

    What Drives Riese & Müller?

    Ever since I have first seen a Riese & Müller bike I was intrigued by their revolutionary designs and after I started working with them I learned about how these radical ideas came about. This video try's to explain Riese & Müller's Why and takes a deeper look into what drives them. It makes...
  13. Chris Nolte

    Tern GSD Review | S10 | S00

    I spent some time reviewing the Tern GSD. This video explains some of the unique features of the bike along with some of the details which differ between the S10 and the S00. This bike is really popular in the shop and I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you guys have any questions about the...
  14. Chris Nolte

    New Tern HSD Video Review | P9 | S8i | S+

    I was excited to get an opportunity to spend some more time with the the HSD and we put together a video explaining the details and features of the bike. Stay tuned for more videos on the accessories as well as the rest of the Tern lineup. In the video we discussed all the different versions...
  15. Chris Nolte

    This Commercial Pilot Chooses His Ebike When He’s Not in the Cockpit

    We made friends with Simon earlier this year and we’re excited to share his story. He’s a young commercial airline pilot living in Switzerland and he chooses to commute by ebike instead of car. He’s a really great guy and this is one of many people choosing to go by bike and we feel the world...
  16. Chris Nolte

    A Deeper Look at Gates Carbon Belt Drives at Eurobike

    Jonathan Weinart and Zach Krapfl spent some time with us to take a deeper look at how the Gates belts work and we discussed some of the finer details, like how long will they last and what they're actually made of. For many, the belts have been a bit of mystery and I hope this video helps to...
  17. Chris Nolte

    New Bosch Powered Commercial eTrike from Gleam at Eurobike

    We did a little walk through the new Gleam eCargo Trike at Eurobike. I'm really excited about this product and we see many commercial applications for it. It's still in it's early stages, but I feel pretty confident it should be a winner.
  18. Chris Nolte

    Fazua motor updates from Eurobike | Entering the US in 2020

    We caught up with Fazua real quick at the end of the show and we had some fun taking through how the system works. It's a really cool system for lightweight applications. We're excited that they will also be launching in the US for 2020.
  19. Chris Nolte

    2020 Urban Arrow Updates with Henning Thomas at Eurobike

    Henning walked us through their booth at Eurobike and showed us all the exciting changes coming for the Urban Arrow brand. From updates to their family line to some new entrants on the business line up. We hope you enjoy!
  20. Chris Nolte

    2020 Benno Updates with Benno Baenziger at Eurobike 2019

    Benno Baenziger walked us through his booth at Eurobike 2019 and showed us all the new updates coming for 2020. Benno is a very passionate guy and we're excited to share some of what he's up to.