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    CCX broken down after only one day.

    I think it brings up another interesting point. Consumer Reports, JD Power, and others conduct surveys to determine which brand/model of car has fewest repairs, is best liked by owners, etc.. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of customer surveys for Rad, Juiced, Biktrix...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    Yep. What really throws me off is a stop sign or traffic light at the bottom of a steep hill, then it’s level or uphill after. When you’re coasting or pedaling in your highest gear, you don’t think to downshift. It’s enough to make you wish for a throttle
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    Class 1 vs 3

    My everyday bike is a mid drive speed with a Bosch Performance CX motor . I care more about uphill performance than speed. About a month ago I rented an inexpensive hub drive bike to ride along the Coastal Trail in Anchorage. That trail has a few longish, steepish hills. Apples to oranges, I...
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    Class 1 vs 3

    Occasionally Chris Nolte, owner of Propel Bikes, will post on these forums. Note: I bought my bike from Propel so I’m not impartial. He’s a bike shop owner with a very different perspective. He won’t sell anything but mid drive bikes, and he speaks very highly of the Bosch motors as being...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    Something I ran into today when I saw a group of ebike riders. if you’re new to cycling in general, learn some basic group bike etiquette. I don’t think this group of riders was being deliberately rude, so much as they maybe didn’t know. Don’t overlap wheels with other riders. It’s dangerous...
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    E-bike riding instruction and tips

    This is why I don’t ever turn my motor off- I’ll leave it in eco. Leave it off, forget and start in too high a gear, and it can be tough to get the bike rolling.
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    At what Temperature do you NOT go for a ride ? {Above & Below, in Fahrenheit}

    Agreed. Went on a 20 mile “cupcake run” yesterday and pushed it a bit when it was about 85. Feels tolerable when you’re moving, but when you stop....
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    At what Temperature do you NOT go for a ride ? {Above & Below, in Fahrenheit}

    I live inland so we get quite a few triple digit days in the summer. I try to ride early, but before or after commuter/school traffic. Don’t like riding in Santa Ana winds. Even with an ebike they are unpleasant.
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    Suspension Seat Posts

    I just got a thudbuster installed on my bike, too. It definitely soaks up a lot of the small jolts and makes riding less tiring. Takes the “hard” our of “hard tail”.
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    Back to Acoustic?

    One day, when I was vacationing in Alaska, I road the coastal trail with a 9 speed comfort bike. The next day, I rented a hub motor e bike. immediate impression with the acoustic bike was “Dang, I am not in anywhere near as good shape as I thought I was. I need more gears, stat”. Definitely...
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    New Raleigh Tokul iE Owner

    I have the Tokul’s cousin, the Lore. I had Propel bikes install similar ergonomic handlebars. They also raised the stem for me, and put on a rack. So now it’s “domesticated”. I think you got a great value, and will be delighted with your purchase. The Tokul and Lore are best kept secrets. I’ve...
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    Buy now or wait?

    I don’t own a Rad bike, but it seems like the most popular e bike where I live in Inland Southern California. Some observations- They are fast- I have a powerful mid drive motor, I pedal hard, but Rads smoke me on a regular basis. They look very sturdy Their big tires are noisy on pavement, but...
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    British Columbia (Canada) Parks rolls out new e-bike policy to protect sensitive ecosystems

    Agreed. There’s a contingent of mountain bikers out there who’s thinking goes something like this : “We had to work really hard to win trail access. We don’t want ebikers to blow it for us”. There are a few bad apples out there of every type. Personally, I can’t walk very far, but I can ride...
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    British Columbia (Canada) Parks rolls out new e-bike policy to protect sensitive ecosystems

    My Toyota’s speedometer claims that it can go 160 mph. Given that it’s a 4 cyl, I think that’s wishful thinking. There are no regulations banning my car, or any other car, from areas with lower speed limits. What I think might be a growing problem are the “bikes” that have pedals, and are...
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    How Active were you in September?

    Usually ride 95-100 miles a week, but took a trip to Alaska, so my mileage was down in September. However I was able to rent an ebike in Anchorage and ride the fabulous Coastal Trail for about 20 miles. I’d highly recommend if you’re ever up that way.
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    British Columbia (Canada) Parks rolls out new e-bike policy to protect sensitive ecosystems

    Sigh. There are plenty of analog bike riders who blow right by me when I’m going 15 mph. Having a motor doesn’t make you necessarily a faster or slower rider. I ride bike paths 5 days a week, about 1/3 of the 100 miles a week that I ride. Quite honestly, some of the. worst almost-accidents I’ve...
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    Don't charge your bike battery above 80% and don't ride below 20%. Maybe, maybe not.

    When I go out for a ride, it’s strictly recreational, and every ride is Choose Your Own Adventure. I want a fully charged battery so I can ride as far as I want. I’m saving my pennies. When the battery dies, I’ll get a new battery- or maybe a new bike.
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    Help with first time ebike

    I’d add to this that we will soon be getting to the point where you may be able to buy an older model bike that’s been sitting on the showroom floor for a while, because Winter Is Coming in many parts of the country, and next years models will be coming out. On the advice of people from this...
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    Which locking device?

    I like the Abus Bordo xplus 6500 folding lock. It is pricey, and it is heavy. However, it’s less bulky than a chain, and is easier to work with than a ulock if you have a bike with fat-tires.
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    EBike Shaming

    My bad. Just remember having to track down all the time. I had a bike mechanic friend put a “granny gear” on my cassette for me, too. Saved me from having to get off and walk a few times.