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    Has anyone replaced the clutch gear assembly on their CC(S,X)?

    Having over 4k miles on my CCX I've been experiencing some situations where the motor isn't engaging & when it does there a gear grinding noise. It's not common yet, but I see it as a sign that it will quit entirely sometime in the future which I expect since my original CC went through two...
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    Replaced CCX brake pads after 6 months

    Don't run them this low because it messes with the rotor and as shown below throws off the piston alignment which means one side pushes the rotor against the insides of the caliper wearing away bit of the body. These are a bit of a pain to replace as wheel removal is necessary though protip it's...
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    CCX Watch Your Rear Chainstay Wiring.

    Didn't realize this was happening until a recent tire swap for spring. My boots were making contact with the wheel connector & wearing it down. Fortunately damage seems to be only cosmetic. Rerouted the wiring so now it's to the inside with the...
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    Fitting water bottle on medium CCX & extending rear light - 3D printing

    The positioning of the mounts are useless so designed and 3d printed an offset bracket to use with a lezyne side load bottle holder. Fits a 12oz insulated laken therm bottle. I don't know how well this will hold up to repeated use though. Also came up with something to extend the rear light...
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    Always On Daytime Running Lights...May have screwed up my CCX controller

    Stupidly wiring new lights while connectors were connected & not realizing bike was still on at the display. Shorted it after touching wires with stripping tool. Now the light switch at the display doesn't work & the light only responds to the main battery switch. I haven't tried riding it yet...
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    Some CCX vs Old CC Observations

    This medium CCX does feel a tad smaller then the medium 2016 CC in one ride so far. Nice to have main powered light again. If only the rear were too since freezing temps kill their runtimes too. Box had some ripped & one corner torn open 1/4, but the bike seems fine. Except for this had to...
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    Original Crosscurrent to CCS/CCX Medium Equals Large?

    I have an original 2016 Cross Current & going by seat tube, standover height, & horizontal top tube length; my medium CC is more equal to the large CCS/CCX. Can anyone who has done the upgrade confirm this? I'm 5'7", but the my MED CC fits well, but small in CCS/CCX is recommended for my height.
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    Crosscurrent Rear Disc Pad Full Contact?

    Do the disc brake pads on your CC(s) make full contact with the disc? On my original CC there's a portion of the pad (top part) that doesn't & while it still brakes fine I think it increases wear on the pads & also the disc if you let the pads wear down enough. Just want to see if this was a...
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    Luna Basic 48v Charger

    Finally decided to get a 2nd charger so I don't have to lug the original CC one back and forth like I've been doing for two years. Didn't want to spend for the Juice one so went with Luna. Here's what I got for $40 shipped. It feels cheap but seems to work. The body is shorter and so are the...
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    Original CC Is This Piece Really Needed?

    The only purpose it seems to serve is an backup retention to keep the wheel from falling out, but I doubt that would ever happen if the nuts are properly tightened. My CC didn't come with proper rack mount so I rely on the threaded hole this is bolted to. Unfortunately through repeated...
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    Cracking Spoke Holes CC Wheel After 7k+ Miles

    This is my 2nd wheel after the original developed motor issues. Noticed this after cleaning dried salt/dirt off from winter commuting. Of the 5-6 other cracks I've seen this it the worse of it. I wonder if it'll be cheaper to buy a new wheel or get this re-laced with a new rim/spokes. If I can...
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    Over 11,000 Miles On My Original Cross Current

    Year round commuting 33 miles/weekday near since the bike's release through all four seasons & all weather conditions. On 3rd set of brake pads 2nd battery 2nd chain - nice advantage against mid drive 2nd wheel 2nd fork - btw the rock shox paragon air fork is very nice, well sealed, & hasn't...
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    CrossCurrent S - New Model The only thing missing are upgrade options for the seatpost to a suspension one & an option for an upgraded suspension fork. I hope an upgrade can be made for the original CC for just the motor bits.
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    Rock Shox Paragon Air Suspension Fork For CC

    I was hoping to install this new air fork after the stock Suntour at some point collected enough water causing rust & cutting travel by half. But my CC is down atm due some electrical issue so I might wait till it's running again. It's a nice looking fork though & quite affordable at around...
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    Cross Current Dorado Wrong Replacement Brake Pads?

    I was really hoping that this wasn't a mistake since I had a coworker order them for me with their Amazon Prime to get them quick (& now have to ask them to possibly return), but these D40.11 disc brake pads don't fit the HD-E715 calipers on my CC. They're advertised for HD-E710 but also 715 as...
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    5'7" 30 inseam Med 18.5" or Large 20" Ohm Urban XU700

    Been reading up on e-bikes for an upcoming company move with a new 15 mile commute that I may have to do for awhile. I luckily found a 2013 Ohm Urban XU700 locally for $1750. Not sold on the it's looks, but for a 350W Bionx equipped e-bike with everything needed for commuting for $1750 before...