1. Amazer98

    Cold weather battery best practices

    Being new to the world of Ebikes, I had some questions about the best way to manage batteries in cold weather, now that nights in Maine are getting down in the low 40s. I did a search on the topic, but couldn't find definitive answers to a few questions I was wondering about: 1. At what...
  2. Deshepparteau

    Which 48V should I get? 13 or 17.5Ah

    I’m planning to purchase two Ride Scoozy Veego Fat Tire bikes. I’m just unsure about spending an extra $200 per bike for the 17.5Ah battery. I am 62 and weight about 180. Not only will we use them locally on the streets (Kansas City is very hilly)....and then we will take them camping with...
  3. W

    Selling Used Radrover battery 2016-2017

    I am selling Used Ebike Battery 48v 11.6ah 2016/2017 RadRover RadWagon and RadCity. Condition is Used. Only 850 miles on this battery, it includes the key and the mounting rail. This would be good to use as a second battery. I am selling thru ebay.
  4. Marq_7

    2019 Radrover Battery and no bike

    Hello guys! Im Marques from Michigan. I feel as if Ebikes are definitely changing the way of the streets! I loved my Ebike which was a 2019 Radrover. Unfortunately It was stolen a few days ago and now i just have the battery and charger. If there is anyone who is looking and needs a new...
  5. StemSlamBackPills

    2017 iZip E3 Dash Battery/Charger/Boost button for sale

    $240 with shipping. Selling through ebay listing. Lower 48 only. Battery charge is good and I’ve taken great care to maintain charge at storage levels since my bike went out of commission. I’m selling it cheap because the rubber of the button was somehow pulled off by my LBS and I had to...
  6. Susie.C

    Reliable ebike battery provider!

    Hello firiends, I'm Susie from Shanghai China. I get to know this webside from my battery customers who recommended batteries for me here. We are a battery packing company with over 10-year experiences, we can make a lot of ebike batteries. These types of batteries are our most popular and...
  7. LuckyLeg


    Sold, please delete post.
  8. R

    Bonjour from Montreal :Mototec rebuild & Battery mystery

    Good June people "Rebuilding" a second hand 350Watt Mototec Trike, have technical questions. It is not in it's original state & the 3 original BATTERIES had been switched from 12V-12 Amps to 12V-16.5 Amps. The highier 16.5 Amps was supposed to make the trike a faster. I have ordered a brand...
  9. Captain Walnut

    What a difference level 2 makes over 3/S! (and a battery question)

    I know this is probably very obvious to many of you, but I am a new ebike rider and have been commuting to work (1.6 miles) for a little over a week on my CCX. At first, I was completely giving in to the temptation to go as fast as possible, both for fun and to get to work as close to my driving...
  10. F

    Continuous discharge

    Hi, Short discharge question ;). If I place cells in parallel, I increase the Ah but do I also increase the maximum discharge current? For example, 4x4.2V 3000mA 10A (continuous discharge current) cells in parallel. That makes 4.2V 12000mA 40A battery or a 4.2V 12000mA 10A battery?
  11. GBananas

    Hot glued battery packs

    So, I am relatively new to the whole DIY battery building thing, but I've gone through a good amount of trial and error already. My latest issue is with the hot glue holding my cells together, it just doesn't stick all that well lol. I feel like hot glueing is the most common way of building...
  12. GBananas

    Battery overheating

    Could really use some helpful tips right now. I built a 52v battery and the thing is overheating so bad, to the point that the hot glue actually melted and it was too hot to touch. My first thought is that the amps are maybe too high for the controller, but I'm not sure. I used samsung 30q...
  13. W

    Question about multiple smaller battery packs.

    Hello, New here, I was doing some research on cheap lithium battery packs for a 48v 1000w bike I'm planning on building this winter on a very cheap college student budget. Even on aliexpress, 48V 24+AH batteries are well over $500, but 24V 12AH packs are as cheap as $65 shipped (given a very...
  14. C

    Vado 3.0 Battery Life

    I just purchased a Vado 3.0 and after a couple weeks of use I've noticed the battery life is less than I expected. I'm getting around 32 - 34 miles and then needing to recharge. I mostly ride in "sport" mode, but use "eco" at times as well. I occasionally use turbo mode, but it's probably...
  15. Louky

    Battery problems anyone?

    We just got my wife a Rad Step-Thru. On a full charged battery, she rode about three miles to the pool and locked it up. She came back about two hours later and it wouldn't turn on, so she rode home under her own power. I plugged the battery back in and it charged up within a half hour. I...
  16. JackA

    PIM Battery Reviews and Comments

    This thread is intended for reviews and comments about Power In Motion battery packs, charging and use.
  17. W

    Taking battery off for travel

    What is the experience of taking the battery off and traveling with bike on rear mounted rack. What is done to prevent rain from getting in battery compartment and doing damage to electric contacts? Thank you
  18. Asher

    The Poor Man's Battery Saver/Satiator: a $10 Outlet Timer?

    Many ebike batteries are lithium ion, which get 300-500 full cycles, from 100% to 0% before they pass a (somewhat arbitrary) threshold where capacity is significantly less. But, keeping energy levels between 20 and 80% can double your battery lifespan or better. From Battery University...
  19. K

    Bike battery questions

    Hello, I am new to this forum and hope you can assist. I just bought a new electric bike, the ejoe epik se 2018 model. The dealer told me to charge the battery every time i finish riding it optimize the battery cells. I am using it to commute to work, 16 miles round trip. After my morning...
  20. nashda

    Stromer ST1 Battery Fail at 50% and higher

    Has anyone else seen issues like this where you ride it, park it for a few hours, then come back to find what should be a 50%-75% battery to be totally dead where it displays "no battery" on the control screen? Some details around what I've tried: 1. A brief "jumpstart" using the charger brings...