1. Electric Bike Company

    6 More Days Left To Order For Christmas

    Hello Bike Enthusiasts! If you have been interested in purchasing one of our models as a potential gift for a loved one, please act quickly as our period for accepting Christmas orders is coming to a close in 6 Days! If you would like more information on our bikes either check out our website...
  2. Piciaro


    Hello everyone, for some months I have been looking in Italy for an electric bike for the city. I live in Florence and there are still many streets with cobblestones, so I would like it to be depreciated. Aevo saw the radwagon but not being cushioned I have some doubts. The budget is more or...
  3. HKwolf86

    Houston Magnum Peak FOR SALE! Excellent condition guys!!

    Have it for sale on Facebook but can contact me on here. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1062098454122279/
  4. S

    Fall riding tips and tricks for ebikes!

    Now that we are well into October, leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. It is the perfect time to prep ourselves for fall riding! Below you will find the Blix fall riding infographic and all the latest tips for the most enjoyable and safe riding during the fall months! Download...
  5. mizja

    Wheel axle does not fit fork end

    Hello, I am new to assembling ebikes and bikes in general so I apologize if this is a stupid question. I would like to convert my old road bike into an ebike with a front hub conversion kit. Everything has gone well so far despite my lack of experience but I am currently stuck. The wheel axle...
  6. Chris Nolte

    How a Riese & Müller eBike is Built

    We put together a little video showing how a Riese & Müller bike is built. We hope you enjoy!
  7. O

    FHP ask's "How many CC's is that motor"..

    Hey everybody long time cyclist .names joe....I. have 2 cheep hub drives (ancheer) bikes and a collection of bottle batteries... so the other day had some time to kill along highway 60 in Brandon Florida ,,,heavy traffic ..and I'm ridding on side walk as a guy in a late model lexus cuts me off...
  8. T

    2019 Biktrix Classic HD juggernaut $2900 obo sold

    Burly Canadian made fat bike performs in any conditions. I upgraded to the best 48v 21 ah wt battery, a wren front suspension fork, wrap around fenders, extra lights, mirrors and an adjustable seat shock. 1000 wt (1500 peak) motor with 160 nm of torque will get 45-60+ miles on a single on per...
  9. Chris Nolte

    A Deeper Look at Gates Carbon Belt Drives at Eurobike

    Jonathan Weinart and Zach Krapfl spent some time with us to take a deeper look at how the Gates belts work and we discussed some of the finer details, like how long will they last and what they're actually made of. For many, the belts have been a bit of mystery and I hope this video helps to...
  10. Chris Nolte

    Fazua motor updates from Eurobike | Entering the US in 2020

    We caught up with Fazua real quick at the end of the show and we had some fun taking through how the system works. It's a really cool system for lightweight applications. We're excited that they will also be launching in the US for 2020.
  11. Chris Nolte

    2020 Moustache Updates from Eurobike | Lundi | Xroad | Friday | Game

    We did a walkthrough at the Moustache booth during Eurobike with Yann. He showed us all the updates for their models, most of which now include all of the new Bosch innovations like the generation 4 motor and new 625Wh Powertube battery. There are also some new model families which have been...
  12. S

    7 things you want to know about electric bike

    There are many types electric bike on ebike market. According to using way, there are mountain assistance electric bike, road power assistance electric bike, long-distance power assistance electric bike. And classified by type of motor, it include hub motors and Mid-mounted motors. This post...
  13. BBassett

    Ebike Touring/Bike Camping

    Purpose-built for long-distance bike camping and touring. Tout Terrain Panamericana, BaFang BBSHD, RockShox Air suspension, Rohloff Speed-Hub, dynamo hub, single wheel suspended trailer. https://imgur.com/a/3w6izz7 - Bike and Trailer https://imgur.com/a/DKpcF0a https://imgur.com/a/zXXlyuv...
  14. Chris Nolte

    She Fell in Love With Her Commute After Replacing Her Car With an Electric Cargo Bike

    I recently produced a video with my friend Catrin from R&M. It's a story of how she uses her Load to commute to work. I was very inspired and I hope this video inspires others to consider how they get around. I look forward to sharing more of these stories in the future to help others see...
  15. Chris Nolte

    Touring cross country with an ebike - Video

    I’m excited to share this little video we did with our friend Pita! She recently embarked on a cross country trip on her ebike. She’s riding a Riese & Müller Nevo GX Rohloff HS unsupported. We plan to do a part two video next month when she gets to Brooklyn.
  16. Chris Nolte

    Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem eBike

    I recently published this video of the Moustache Samedi 27 X2 Tandem and figured I would share here. It’s a Bosch powered electric tandem capable of varied terrain. This one is the trekking version but it’s also available as a mountain version. It’s quite a cool bike and a blast to ride! I hope...
  17. E

    Review - Voilamart Ebike Kit 26" Front Wheel 48V 1000W?

    Hi Folks I used the below kit to build an electric bike recently. Has any of you guys used this hub motor? How's the review...
  18. T

    Suggestions on Market Value of E-bikes

    Looking to sell husband's Trek Cross-rip E-bike. Purchased in 2017, Fall. Simply does not ride great:( Looking for suggestions to get a handle on market value. Thanks!
  19. A

    65% OFF! 20" Foldable Eike MF-19 From Maxfoot

    Hi there, The most streamlined 20-inch fat tire electric folding bike from Maxfoot in the market is launching on Indiegogo tomorrow. Now we start the good selling E-bike season,don't miss the huge discount : 65% OFF,shop now and expand your business,making it one of the most affordable e-bike...
  20. Lefre

    FOR SALE: 2019 Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra 1000 21.5aH 48v battery - Los Angeles (Rowland Heights 91748)

    My fourth ebike and decided it wasn't what I'm looking for. Perfect time to ride with Spring here and the rain storms are gone! Received 4/15/19 Only 21 miles on the bike 35mph top speed 60-80 miles per charge with PAS 1000W rated, 1500W (peak) power Torque assist + PAS (cadence assist) +...