torque sensor

  1. Andropolis

    What are some of the less expensive bikes with torque sensors?

    What are some of the less expensive bikes with torque sensors? I know ‘inexpensive’ and ‘torque sensing’ are two attributes you won’t often find in an eBike... but I thought I’d ask.
  2. T

    Yamaha PW 2015 torque/crank sensor error

    Hi, So, my story goes like this : I bought a second hand batavus e-bike with Yamaha motor from a lady who had barely used the last 2 years. it had 400km !!! For 3 months it served very good. And then the rains started. Last week i was coming back from work with heavy rain. Everything was...
  3. Joe

    Volton Campaign is Live. 3 new bikes and new Alation models on discount.

    Volton's Better eBike Campaign Two new eMTB models available with Max and Ultra power platforms 29 pound, folding ebike with 5 level pedal assist and thumb throttle Alation and Alation ST with torque activated pedal assist and up to 48v16.5ah battery We are also finalizing a third M600...
  4. D

    Torque Sensor Replacement on Rook

    I have a new Rook I bought on line from Surface604 and the torque sensor is defective and they are sending me a new one when available. I am sure I can replace it and it requires pulling the rear wheel. Does anyone know what torque I need to tighten the wheel back? Thanks
  5. Daniele10

    Prodecotech Version 5 Torque Sensor Available

    ProdecoTech BEAMts now available for Samsung Powered E-bikes. ProdecoTech released the Torque Sensor for Version 5 Electric Bikes. The BEAMts is an optional accessory that is easy to install on most all ProdecoTech electric bicycles built since 2012, it’s a pre-configured to plug and play into...
  6. J

    Setting torque sensor ST1

    I'm a new owner of the bike and .... OMG it is fast! I love it! I do a long commute (34 miles RT each day). I am wondering if anyone can tell the exact steps to setting the torque sensor. I already know how to do the setting as explained in the user manual: code 1004. But I am still befuddled...