11-42 on a Trek XM700+

Saratoga Dave

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Okay sports fans, after threatening to do so for a good long while, I finally got around to having my LBS replace my 11-36 cassette with the ten speed 11-42 that I believe is used on the Powerflys. So what we have now is a good bit deeper uphill gearing along with the same Performance Speed motor, as opposed to the mountain bike Performance CX.

Early verdict is that this is great. The necessary bigger step between gears is at the higher speed end where it is either hardly or not noticeable at all - I can’t really feel it. On the other hand, it’s climbing abilities have been greatly enhanced, significantly. As someone who has always loved climbing, either back in the day on my mountain bike 25 years ago or today on my ebike, this is more like it. We’re off to the Adirondacks, Lake Placid area next week where there are plenty of places to enjoy the improvement.

Didn’t have to change the derailleur, the spacing just worked.

All this of course just makes me think more and more about the Powerfly 5, gazing into the woods where the real climbing is and knowing that this ain’t the bike for that. Something to think about in the spring.

Attached photo is at th dead end of a very nice nearby bike path... only way out is up, and around the corner the grade goes to just past 15% and stays that way for a little bit. Achtung!



I was thinking the same about the Trek Verve. Change the cassette to 11-42. I don’t care much about the high speeds but having climbing gears is nice. The Verve isn’t high torque but with the right gears it could be.

Saratoga Dave

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They did put a new chain on it, again the same as on the Powerfly 5. I continue to be pleased and impressed with the added versatility this has brought to the occasional steep stuff. I no longer need to be the least bit concerned about our ability to get up otherwise imposing hills. Slow and steady!

Still would like a Powerfly for the varied terrain ability, but for pavement this is great. There are some hills over in and around Troy, New York, across the river from us that I have stayed away from and no longer need to.

I feel confident it would improve the Verve somewhat as well, but that motor is nowhere near as strong as the Performance motors. It’s not a particularly expensive modification, so why not. Let us know what you think if you do it, Tim.