2013 Turbo Still going strong - although I am preparing to sell it


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Hello there,

I just wanted to report and (ease some prospective buyers anxieties) that my 2013 Specialized Turbo is still going like it has the day I purchased it. I really do not see any reduction in battery life or detriment to the riding assist or speed. The bike literally goes just like it has always gone - great. I did replace the casette a couple of times and the chain a few times, serviced the brakes a couple of times but besides that it still has everything original on it that it had.

I'm reporting this as I finally prepare to sell the bike. It has been very good to me, got me back into cycling, helped me lose weight and gain health and fitness but I seem to only use it in shoulder seasons (fall and spring) when the use of fenders is more necessary (I know...what a weird reason) but in general I have switched all of my biking back to non powered riding.

Cheers and keep up with riding powered or not - it's all great fun and I support it 100%


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@Brambor Very cool to hear and promising for those of us with newer bikes. I have a 2016 and had a battery replaced under warranty but everything has been great for a while now.

Any idea how many miles you've put on the bike? 10k miles plus? I'm closing in on 5k miles and my original chain is still good - these hub-drive bikes are very easy on chains but I go through disc pads every 1k or so.