2015 Ghost Rider, It's like they read my mind.

Mike Smith

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Looks like a very cool ebike, somewhere between a fat bike and and a hybrid. Just test ride it first if you can to make sure it feels good. Otherwise just have fun and keep us up to date. Probably the first one here to own this so we are interested in reviews.
Well still probably going to be a couple of months till i get one, & as for most Ebikes i'll have to get it shipped with out trying first...My first and only ebike was a Ezip trialz back around 2007-8 i got at a toys r us for $350 on sale. It didn't last very long as i kept getting flats & that back tire was a pain to deal with so i sold it about a year later... Almost got a Prodecotech Outlaw ES from Amazon, which they had on sale for $1200 but when i got the box it had a invoice on it which showed it had been sitting in their warehouse for 2 years.. and i didn't want to deal with a possible bad battery... Hopefully this one will work out unless something else comes along in my budget bracket that seems better.. The only thing i wish were different on the Ghost Rider, If you look at the page the LCD controller which is more intuitive than the LED only comes on the black and green version & i really dig that black & grey color.
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Don't tell my wife I said this, but nice rack! Looks very sturdy. Really nice looking bike @vincent713 ! Did you already place your order? Nice Christmas present as well...
Yes I agree, I love the custom rack on the Big Cat's bike. I haven't hit the buy button yet but with the low price they are selling I'm very tempted.