2016 Spicy Curry vs 2017

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A local shop as a 2016 Spicy Curry Floor model (with the Currie motor) at a discount. I'm considering this but have a couple of questions/concerns as compared to the 2017 with the Bosch motor.

Here are my questions/concerns
1. I've seen some issues people have had online with support from Currie since they've been bought by another company. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
2. The 2016 looks to have an issue with the rear wheel slipping in the drop outs and needing to be consistently tightened. Is this resolved in the 2017?
3. Any other thoughts or suggestions between the 2016 (green one) and buying a new one? My goal is to haul kids around!

I owned a 2016 Spicy Curry for almost a year before deciding that it was going to require too much maintenance for me. I had a really hard time with the rear wheel slipping out of the dropouts...it happened at least 3 times, and the last time was scary. And it was really hard to get it tightened back up enough on my own. I have been told that the 2017 model fixes this problem. Other than that big problem, I only had one small issue - the double kickstand. I had to replace mine twice in less than a year because it would crack at the weld points. Hopefully Yuba has fixed this problem. I never had electrical or mechanical issues with the Currie motor and battery, but now that I own a Bosch e-bike, I can tell you there is no comparison. Bosch's motor is practically silent compared to the Currie's sound output, and the Bosch is a whole lot smoother. So even though the 2016 is probably a really good deal, I would definitely spend the extra dough for the new version. It'll be in the shop less often and more techs/mechanic know what to do with Bosch than with Currie. Hope my experience helps and Happy Riding!
A simple aluminum clip is all that is needed to keep the first gen curry axle in place. My curry has over 1200+ miles and axle has not slipped since. (seen others with way more miles, upto 5000+)
Good points by Goosewiththefur about more bosch mechanics out there, true! it is the most wide spread power unit and they are boringly reliable. The new curry has redisigned the dropout so it should be ok on the newer bikes.
With that said, I own a TranzX drive curry and I love it. I have many bikes and the curry is most often my go to bike for random rides. A few things to note on the tranzX drive. 1. TrnzX is mostly cadence sensing which is nice when you are hauling big loads like 150lbs of kids or one 180lbs nephew shooting his next blockbuster youtube video ;). 2. Speed cut off is a little higher and not as sudden as on the bosch unit. 3. TranzX drive is very smooth with power at 0, pedals quiet and more freely than bosch ( if you are in a area that you are riding alot of paved trail this is nice because you end up riding maybe 25-33% with no assist even with a load.) 4. the idler wheel on the bosch is irritating. I have ridden so many bosch bikes with this and it detracts from the silent ride with power off. Both versions of the Spicy Curry are the best cargos on the market. They are strong, lite (62lbs), low center of gravity, and ride awesome. I will post pictures of that bracket. I have made many of the brackets for my spicy curry friends.

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