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  1. JamesT

    JamesT New Member

    My 2017 BULLS ESTREAM EVO 45 FS will not turn on. The battery shows full 5 LED's but the display will not power on. Removed battery, reinserted, cleaned contacts with rubbing alcohol but no luck. Any ideas please... Very frustrating.

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  3. JamesT

    JamesT New Member

    I just wanted to give people here a heads up. I brought the bike over to to SLEEK Ebikes in Tarrytown, NY. He tried to update the firmware. But on numerous tries, the bike would not accept the firmware. There are no problems with the display or the battery. The owner Edward Busk, was very helpful and accommodating, however, he said that he would have to contact BULLS in Germany to see why the bike would not power up. Very frustrating.
  4. JamesT

    JamesT New Member

    I purchased a 2017 BULLS ESTREAM EVO 45 from Crazy Lenny's in April. I have had a couple of issues arise. Every step of the way they have helped me out and advised me. My bike last week would not turn on. After taking me through some steps with out success Evan recommended that I take it to a local dealer. I brought it to Sleek eBikes, Tarrytown, NY. The owner Edward Busk treated me very fairly and ended up fixing it. It ended being a not very solid plug connection in the motor area. Problem solved. The whole affair was very professionally handled and both dealers communicated with each other. (Even Barney at BULLS in California got involved) Very pleased with the outcome with both dealers. If your a Brose aficionado, BULLS seems to have your back when a problem arises.
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  5. DaveF

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    Hi JamesT,

    I have the Estrean EVO FS3 29 and enjoy riding it on the trails in the Hood River Or area. I've put probably 50 rides on it since buying it this summer. Lots of fun. I also had the same issue you described, where it would not turn on just yesterday. After a bit of debugging I found the magnetic connector in the downtube was dirty enough that it did not make contact with the battery. It was not the actual contacts that were dirty, it was there was too much dust, dirt, etc. on the rubber bellows surrounding the connector that prevented the magnets from pulling the connector to the battery. A little cleaning around the connector and life on the trails is good again.

    My LBS has pretty much shut down for the winter, they are busy with ski and boarding. I think Bulls has a great product, fun to ride with great battery range. I just wish there was more online support. It would be nice if there was an app that the consumer could use to debug and monitor these e-bikes like some of the other manufactures.
  6. bob armani

    bob armani Active Member

    That's great to know that BULLS is getting involved with issues. In the past they were not too quick to get involved (seen in previous posts on this forum). Nothing like great C/S after your purchase! This post will definitely encourage others to purchase more of BULLS products. Thanks for sharing! Now time to hit the trails.