2017 commuter ebike - izip e3 dash vs haibike trekking 4.0

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    Awesome - thanks for the incredible write up. You've convinced me to steer clear of the yamaha drives for the time being. Which of course means that I would need to step up to a Xduro treekking for significant more money.

    Local dealer just called and offered a 2017 Haibiki Xduro Trekking S (bosch speed powered) for $3200. Hmm ... I think I might be able to do a tad better if I wait a bit longer ..

    Still very much worried about buying the IZIP via remote dealer, having an issue and then being stranded without local dealer support. Even though the price is very attractive. It seems like even if I don't buy the IZIP from the local dealer, they may still be able to / obligated to help with IZIP warranty work? The Xduro 5.0 sure is tempting, but it a bit overkill for my current needs.
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    The service portion is something you'll need to check with the iZip. Just as an example, my friend with a Bulls bike had to pay the LBS a diagnostic fee to initiate a warranty claim on his Bosch powerpack 400. He did not buy the bike at the LBS. This is the one grey zone with many ebike service experiences, it probably varies widely amongst manufacturer and LBS. Even my local dealer where I purchased the bike from has to charge for labor on a warranty parts replacement. The last time I had a repair done they were kind enough to waive the fee, but were upfront about disclosing that before work commenced. I'm guessing Haibike does not compensate the LBS for their time. If you do inquire with the iZip people, you'll also want to ask if the TransX takes software updates and if that would result in a dealer service fee as well.
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    Anybody knows where the op got this deal ? I think $3200 is a good deal for 2017 Xduro Trekking S (especially if it is otd).

    I am leaning towards 2017 Xduro fullseven though and if there is a similar offer I really would love to get one(I actually would get trekking S if it is possible to take it to the trails too).
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    Happy to share which local shop got me the deal. It may be more of a YMMV type situation... According to the LBS - this bike was sent to them due to an error by haibike/distributor. Rather than go through the return process and ship it back, they were able to take a discount on their cost if they instead kept the bike - which they then passed onto me. They used this as a leverage to convince me to buy the bike the same day they were suppose to send it back.

    Maybe all of that is just a story to close out a deal quicky - or maybe not. I think it is an OK price. It may be possible to do better if one waits longer? I think there is a lot of margin on these bikes.

    I am suppose to pick it up sometime this week. Once things are finalized on my end, happy to put you in touch with my sales rep. It is a socal dealer. Don't want to jeopardize my deal ;)
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    :) I didn't mean to snatch it from you sorry if it sounded like that. I am actually looking at a different fs model and if possible I wanted to price match with my local shop.

    On the other hand that is a model which I liked a lot and I am really happy that you are getting it at a great price(honestly I think you are getting just as good of a bike as the trek commuter with that one). Enjoy and it would be great if you tell me about your opinion on how it rides.
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    Ha - no worries. I really wanted a trekking bike, but was hoping for a bosch power system over the yamaha. Would have been just as happy with a bosch CX 20mph motor, but the 28mph speed motor should be quite nice :). Was a bit hesitant to chip the bike to remove the speed limiter. Will certainly let you know my impressions once I see/ride the bike! More very soon.