2018 Dirt-E+ 1 PRO or 2019 Fathom-E+ 2 (non-pro)?


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I am hesitating between these two, local LBS has a final sale on the 2018 Dirt-E+1 PRO (3699 CAD) vs. 2019 Fathom-E+ 2 (non-pro) sells for 3199 CAD.

The Dirt-E+ 1 PRO seems to have much higher specs (Pro motor vs. Sport, better shocks, groupset, etc..). In the other hand the Dirt-E+ is likely in the store for more than a year and the model line itself was replaced by the Fathom E+ line for 2019...

....and the Fathom-E+ 2 black/blue paint scheme is much closer to me than the vibrant orange of the Dirt-E+ 1 PRO.

Which one would you buy and why?