2018 Dirt E+2 -vs- 2019 Fathom E+ 3 Power


Hello all,

I'm not a real biking enthusiast like most that are here, but am getting a little older and would like some help for my knees, but still be able to get outside and ride.

I'm not doing any "real" mountain-biking, but would like to be able to take the bike in somewhat rural areas (flat, non muddy trails generally) at some times. Other times I would be just doing casual riding, but not in a city environment (though mostly paved).

So, my last bike was a Specialized mountain bike, and I liked the basic configuration so that's why I'm looking at these 2 from Giant.

I'm not sold on the Chinese models, but I'm sure some might be well engineered.

My dealer does have a Magnum Peak model which is interesting, as it also has a throttle, but I'm leaning toward the two Giant models listed despite no throttle. After trying a friends a while back (no throttle) it seems to provide my knee with enough assistance that I don't have to push down too hard.

The 2018 I can purchase for $750 (I'm in the U.S.) less than the 2019, and I'm looking for input from folks who are familiar with one or the other, and might have some input regarding things to consider between the two.

I like the fact that the 2018 seems to be about 3 lbs. lighter according to the dealer (49.5 w/ battery), but it is only available at this point in a "medium" size, which the Giant chart says for that bike is for riders between 5'7" and 5'11" - I'm 6', and don't ride aggressively and the dealer says he'd go on the smaller side anyway. So not sure what to think here. I'd never go down steep hills or climb high inclines in my intended use - in fact he said he could set up either as a more "relaxed" ride, with bars that are higher and angled back more, etc... So not sure for that type of riding style if larger or smaller would be better. By the way, both are 27.5 wheels.

Also curious if Giant offers the replacement batteries for these years down the road? They definitely are proprietary and wonder how long they produce them after the model is discontinued ?

Any constructive info at all or differences between the two that aren't apparent would be most appreciated.