2018 Haibike SDURO Trekking 9.0 + Walk Assist mode?


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Just picked up a 2018 Haibike SDURO Trekking 9.0. It looks like I'm on a slightly older version of the software and as near as I can tell Walk Assist is not enabled. Has anyone had any luck getting it working on this bike? I'm going to take it to the bike shop and see if they can at least update the software.

Displ v7.5.2.0
DU v1.7.0.0
Bat v1.7.0.0


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Same on mine and I just had my LBS update the firmware to the latest version. Walk mode is disabled. But if you are worried that this will impact a tuning chip that uses the walk mode button to turn on/off, like the Peartune MSO, it works just fine.
As for the walk mode, I have not once felt the need for it.


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Ok, just got back from the bike store. They were able to update the firmware and they were able to enable walk assist mode. Just tried it out on the way home and used the feature to help walk the bike up some stairs.

I guess if anyone else has this problem, ask the bike shop to turn it on.