2018 Izip E3 path plus low step - review and updates

I plan to post updates here on my long term experience with my new e bike.

Above bike with size large frame, class 1, shimano steps mid-drive motor e6000. 418wh battery. Tires are 700x40c, different than manufacturers website specs.

Some background on what led to my purchase:

My bike was delivered from my LBS in August 2018. After two commutes and one errand I'm up to 60 miles.

The bike performs just as expected compared go my 24 hour rental of a prior model year.

My commute is about 24 miles round trip with 2000+ feet of climbing. Battery hasn't dipped down below two bars (of 5) for a round trip commute. Battery has charged in well under 4 hours. Only charged twice so far.

I estimate by commute time (about 50 minutes) I am using eco 50%, norm 30%, and high 20%.

Seat is very firm, but okay for me. Seat angle adjustment is very nice. Has two bolts to adjust tilt forward/backwards. Added mirrycle mirror, water bottle cage (bike mount position only allows for 20oz bottle) and rear light. I have a large frame and with 32 in inseam the seat post mounted rear light is visible above the rear rack.

Tires at max psi of 85 is a firm ride. May need to get wider tires or lower the pressure.

Pictures to come soon.
Update: at 100 miles and the few miles prior I kept hearing a squealing and eventually I couldn’t turn the pedals at all.

Here’s what happened. There are two small bolts behind the front chain ring just above the axel that anchor the chain guard. One of those small bolts loosened up and got wedged on an angle between the eyelet and the back of the chainring.

LBS said they had never seen this happen before and this is a screw that is installed by the factory. They replaced with a longer bolt as some of the threads in the eyelet were damaged. They also added lochtite to both bolts. Chainring integrity wasn’t compromised.

I’m now at 210 miles with no problems since. I’ve charged the battery 8 times total. (Basically after each round trip commute - 25 miles/2000 feet of climbing)

I have noticed that the bike motor feels like it responds better in a lower gear. Basically sit and spin in. A low gear (4) vs pushing harder in a just one or two gears higher.(5-6)
960 miles - both my pedals broke this week.
One I didn’t notice until locking up. It broke completely through in a corner. The other cracked halfway through when I was standing up from a stop at a stoplight. I heard it.

In other news I was hearing a scraping noise. I thought my brake pads needed replacement, but it turns out the support for the chainguard was rubbing the backside of the chainguard for the front chainring. I will need new brake pads soon though. 92086FE5-1471-4468-BAEE-451D25F27470.jpeg FB8B3885-393B-4717-AF9C-3B32CF7015C0.jpeg