2018 Juggernaut Almost completed

So Ive had my bike now since around beginning of July I was on 2 weeks vacation in Washington State so I didn't have alot of time with it till I got back. Today I received my 48v 21ah battery and rear rack and my mud guards. (Thanks Roshan)

Took some photos tonight when I got it done it was dark so just shop pictures for now. I am sure I will have to adjust a few things here and there as I ride and get to know the bike.


If your hesitant about buying a Biktrix I will be the first to tell you that it was an absolute incredible experience and the bike is just awesome.
That Ibera rear rack bag is next on my upgrade list. Have you had a chance to form an opinion on it yet ? Waiting til we get into Fall riding weather before I purchase the bag, as I have no use for it over the summer months. Very nice bike !! Biktrix was always near the top of my list when I went shopping - at one point they were #1 but not in stock so I moved on.
I have not had alot of time with it but so far its pretty nice. The easy on easy off is really nice and the bags seem to be decent. time will tell.
That's what drew me to it as well .. easy access. My only alternative was spending a LOT more for a Thule Pack and Pedal (very few rear racks fit my FS bike) and its accompanying bag - an investment of $170 when the Ibera would cost me only $65. That's quite a difference for essentially the same carrying capacity and size.
I haven't taken it more then 5 miles so far. I swapped out to a Cloud 9 seat so when I put some miles 20+ in 1 ride I can better answer that for you.